Author: Mike Saunders

CEO, Author and Conference Speaker

Response to South Africa Lockdown #COVID-19

Our News

We are indeed living in unprecedented times that will test our countries resolve and ability to adapt. We have spent time assessing the...

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Is Your Tech Empathetic?

Digital Focus, Tech Focus

Is Your Tech Empathetic? In 2018 the SXSW conference took on a new direction for its conversations around interactive technology. It...

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How Your Press Releases Can Build Your Website SEO

SEO and PR

It’s all too common that Search Engine Optimisation and PR are managed in separate silos in a business. However, when we use a...

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Why We Banned Whatsapp at Work

Culture, Our News, People Focus

I absolutely love my work. I have spent the last few years pouring all my spare time into doing work, thinking about work and talking about...

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Social Media Strategies: Embrace the Mosh Pit

Digital Focus, People Focus, Strategy Focus

Social Media is not a marketing channel, rather it’s a mosh pit of conversations that surround our marketing channels. If it were a...

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Social Media Strategies: Nurture Advocacy

Strategy Focus, Uncategorized

Building advocacy has always been a priority for brands in the past and today is no different. Brands engage social media influencers to...

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