Author: Mike Saunders

CEO, Author and Conference Speaker

Welcome to The Zero Moment of Truth

Digital Focus, SEO and PR, Tech Focus, Uncategorized

Search Engines are the “go-to” destination for almost every question we have these days. They have become our source of general...

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Why Startups Need to be Humancentric

Business, Strategy Focus

Entrepreneurs in startups are people who don’t have a shortage of ideas. They’re constantly devising new ways to create value....

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Is Your Tech Empathetic?

Digital Focus, Tech Focus

Is Your Tech Empathetic? In 2018 the SXSW conference took on a new direction for its conversations around interactive technology. It...

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A Brand Refresh That Takes Digitlab Back To Its Roots

Our News • One Comment

PRESS RELEASE 09 March 2020 Digitlab is going back to its roots with a refreshed brand image and innovative positioning that truly...

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Why We Banned Whatsapp at Work

Culture, Our News, People Focus

I absolutely love my work. I have spent the last few years pouring all my spare time into doing work, thinking about work and talking about...

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Accelerate to Digital Victory This Year with DigitLab Academy

Our News

Welcome to 2019! There’s no better time than the fresh start of the new year to reevaluate the direction of your business and begin...

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