Marketing automation software company Marketo recently published this infographic, The Social Sickness. Do you know someone with an unhealthy relationship with social media?

If you’re the mayor of every place you drive by, and you tweet “lk ths cz vwls r so lst yr”, you may have a problem… And if you’re checking your cellphone every few minutes to see what total strangers have said about your photo/tweet/blog post, you definitely have a problem!

We probably have a few Freak Out-Ers here in the office (guilty), who lose the plot when a social site goes on a temporary hiatus. It’s usually more likely that the internet connection has dropped though – and we’re at a loss for what to do… No internet? Say whaaat?!

Do you know any Alert-Lovers, who drop everything every time their phone beeps? Or a Liker, who never takes the time to leave a comment – because actually saying they’re happy for a friend’s engagement is just sooo time-consuming?

Social stereotypes

What about some social addiction stereotypes that are missing? I think we all know the Facebook Stalker who knows everything about everyone and anything that ever happened, and has ways and means of prodding and poking their way around privacy settings…

Or the Twitterholic who tries to read EVERYTHING in their Twitterfeed, and never misses a tweet?

Who’s who in your social media addiction zoo?

Social media sickness infographic

via Mashable.