Over 100 million professionals are following more than 1.9  million companies on LinkedIn. Consider for a moment your business profile…

The reason for following companies on LinkedIn is to stay in the loop with new developments, compare products and services, track potential business opportunities, and keep an eye out for job  openings. Members are notified of such developments via network updates or emails. When members want to know more about your company, they look to your Company Page on LinkedIn.

Following on from Why should I be using LinkedIn? and What is the difference between a CV and your LinkedIn profile?, here is some more insight from our LinkedIn Guide…

Key benefits of a company page on LinkedIn

  1. A powerful way to reach millions of professionals through word-of-mouth recommendations and trusted testimonials

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  2. An opportunity to reveal the human side of your company
  3. Provides a sneak peek at the individuals behind the brand
  4. Highlights how members use your products in their daily lives to solve real problems
  5. Provides tools to bring your brand to life
  6. Answers questions like “What is the company really like?“, “Who has recommended their products or services and why?”, or “Should I work for them?
  7. Grow and engage your followers through status updates, blog posts, YouTube videos, special offers, discussion groups, and more.
  8. Benefit from the buzz about your products and services. Each time a member endorses your product or service, their recommendation becomes visible to all of their connections, and could spread virally.
  9. Promote your employment brand by creating and updating your Careers tab. You’ll need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to Premium to take full advantage of this extra feature.

What you can do on your LinkedIn company page

  • Provide a friendly introduction to your brand.
  • Interact with millions of passive and active job seekers
  • Highlight products and services that are relevant to your target audience
  • The back-end analytics will help you to understand your followers.

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