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Dear @Valentine … will you be mine?

Whether you are a romantic or not – the fact of the matter is that in today’s era you will not be able to avoid the Valentine's Day fever.

Whether you are a romantic or not – the fact of the matter is that in today’s era you will not be able to avoid the Valentine’s Day fever.

Between social media, instant messaging, text messages and e-cards, you will find it hard to hide. The traditional way of saying ‘I love you’ has become very overrated.

Even Hallmark found themselves in an era of change. Hallmark, based in Kansas City, Mo., had two major rounds of job cuts in 2009. But with that said, the Hallmark Valentine’s Day card will be celebrating its 100th anniversary next year and announced in their Product News for 2012 that the Hallmark Valentine’s Day e-greeting card prices begin at just 99 US cents. Even the greeting card giant needs to change with time.

With thousands of broadcasted messages, why not be a bit different this year and be unique in the way of expressing love and appreciation to your loved ones? Here are a few creative ways using social media and the web to spread your love with meaning:

Personalised eCard

Be personal when you create an eCard. Go through the trouble of creating a personalised card with a special photo, message and even some music. Smilebox is one of my favorite spots for free eCards on the Web. You can choose from hundreds of interesting designs, add your own photos, videos, music, and messages, and then email it, blog it, or even print it. Showing someone you care couldn’t be any easier.

Pinterest your love

Pinterest the new talk of the town! If you have not joined Pinterest, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time. Pinterest is the perfect place to share do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day crafts and gifts as well as romantic dinner ideas and recipes. Use your pinboard to “pin” the story of you and your loved one, or tell your loved one how much you love them with what you “pin” your board with.

Facebook your message

For those who would like to share some love on Facebook, I found an exciting app which is easy to use and to share – Easyhi App. Record your personal video message, add effects and share on Facebook, Twitter! Visit the Easyhi Facebook Page to start creating your Valentine’s Day message.

Gift with a difference with love

Hallmark has a partnership with UNICEF for their Valentine’s Day cards. Hallmark pays a portion of the net wholesale sales of the cards to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to help save the lives of children around the world.

If cards are not your thing, go to the Bobs for Good Foundation website. You can either donate or shop for some shoes in their online store. The Bobs for Good Foundation is a South African based Public Beneficiary Organization that aims to give hope, pride and dignity through the gift of locally made, leather school shoes.

Social Media saves the day

If all else fails and you have completely forgotten about Valentine’s Day … Social Media can still save the day!

Safety Tip

As most of us will be in the mood to spread love, scammers like to spread malware and try to gain access to banking and personal details. Do not click on links in mails, URLs sent through Twitter and Facebook, or open e-cards from sources you do not know. Cyber criminals use e-cards, Valentine’s memes and rogue applications to spread malware.

Have a creative and fun-filled Valentine’s Day and share your appreciation and love to those close to you!

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all”  ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson


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