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Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet

Like phones, cars are getting smarter.

Like phones, cars are getting smarter.

In times of recession, where consumers are reluctant to splash out on expensive new cars, being at the forefront of technology is one way car brands are remaining competitive and convincing consumers to part with their hard-earned cash. Mercedes is no exception.

Tapping into social media and using it to their advantage, Mercedes developed a holiday campaign aimed at communicating the functionality of the active park assist feature.

Where do I park my car?

One thing all drivers struggle with, and generally moan about, is parking. Especially over busy periods like the holiday season. Parking is difficult to find at the best of times in busy cities, but especially difficult around the holiday and festive season.

Instead of seeing this as an issue, Mercedes embraced this mundane daily annoyance of drivers everywhere and turned it into a viral campaign.

Parallel parking just got easier

To promote the active park assist feature, just in time for the holidays last year, Mercedes came up with the concept of a “Tweet Fleet”.

Essentially a fleet of new Mercedes-Benz cars travelling around Stuttgart, Germany, automatically tweeting empty parking spaces with geo-tagging so that anyone following the brand’s Twitter profile could not only find out where the empty spaces were, but also get directions to the available parking space. Genius!

I do question the integrity behind promoting driving and ‘tweeting’ at the same time, but it looks like the answer to women drivers’ prayers everywhere.


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