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Social Media – for the good of the community

I live for social media – I think the fact that I'm part of a social media and digital marketing agency makes that pretty obvious!Sure social media brings people together, but how 'strong' is that community bond?

I live for social media – I think the fact that I’m part of a social media and digital marketing agency makes that pretty obvious!

It’s through my job that I’m able to learn and apply different strategies to help clients achieve their specific goals, as well as educate them about social media and the benefits of online interaction. Some of these benefits include connecting people, creating a sense of community, creating brand loyalty, and identifying expertise, as well as distributing content and recommending resources.

These benefits (and more) have pretty much been burned into my brain and, if asked, I could probably recite them to you in my sleep – it’s almost gotten to a point where you no longer question the validity of these benefits anymore…

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So how valid are these benefits and does social media really produce what we all say it does? Sure it brings people together, but how ‘strong’ is that community bond?

Overwhelming response of social support

Running community + social media

Recently my question was answered when a running group which I belong to experienced not one, but three tragic accidents within the space of three months.

One runner was hit by a car while running in broad daylight on the pavement; another endured a head injury while playing sport; and the last suffered terrible injuries while participating in the Amashova where a dog – yes a dog – ran across the road and collided with her bike. All three accidents left the victims in critical conditions and in I.C.U at the hospital.

Our community was devastated to say the least. It was almost instantaneous that people started turning to the running group’s Facebook page to share posts of encouragement, love and wellbeing to all those affected. Families of the injured were overwhelmed by the response and were able to read the messages of support to the injured once they had woken up, and report back to the community on the progress of their recoveries. I can gladly say that all three are on the road to recovery.

Instagram and Twitter keep residents up-to-date

With the recent Hurricane Sandy disaster that hit the US, Twitter accounts like @NYCGovCuomo kept people and communities alike in New York up-to-date on the latest storm-related news and the Instagram feed overflowed with pictures tagged with #Sandy to point out the ongoing importance of social media in easing the plight of Sandy victims.

Social media Benefits

The stated that “The interconnectivity between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook facilitates a dialogue between residents affected by Sandy and disturbed once more by nor’easter, with community leaders and individuals posting relief updates.

There are ‘World Day of Remembrance’ evenings organised all over the world where people unite to remember those lost through road traffic accidents; organisations that raise funds for disabilities and diseases; local sports clubs that organise for like-minded people to come together and enjoy their sport socially; and communities that come together to reminisce about places or memories that they hold in common.

Connecting and caring

CommunityOrganizer2.0 states

Social media is a tool to help organizations connect to the people who could and do care about their causes, engage meaningfully, and create change together.”

Social Media has evolved over time, with its modern value increasing as well – for everyone, empowering communities to come together.

I believe that if you truly want to be part of those organisations, or communities, then all you have to do is look – they are usually just a mouse-click away!


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