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What’s so great about digital marketing?

There’s a lot of talk that 'digital marketing' will become just 'marketing' in 2013.

There’s a lot of talk that ‘digital marketing’ will become just ‘marketing’ in 2013…

Let’s face it, marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore without digital. Over 6.8 million South Africans use Facebook on their mobile phones, and 2.4 million South Africans use Twitter.

Here are some of my own personal reasons as to why digital is just that good:

1. It’s contagious

Social media and all things digital have become prolific. Generation Y is the generation that believes in FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out). If a new app is released that everyone’s using, I want to know about it! I want to try it! Because of the share-ability of digital, the next big thing takes off that much quicker.

2. It’s forever changing

Have you noticed how fast people move on from last week’s digital drama? That’s because there’s always something new to tweet about. The latest social sites and apps keep growing, so there will always be a shift in people’s favourite digital homes. Change is inevitable in the digital space – it’s best not to get too comfortable!

3. It’s practical

Utility apps and the world of social help us run our lives… From Finance Apps (which manage our spending), to Calendar Apps which help organise our lives, to Weather Apps which help us plan our wardrobes and activities, to Travel Apps which help us plan our trips, to Foodie Apps which help us find the best places to eat.

And let’s not forget about social media platforms which allow us to share our activities in all of these areas with our community. I recently overheard someone saying “Ah, I forgot that happened in 2011, I saw it on Facebook.” Social networks are fast becoming a way for us to collect our memories.

4. It’s all about recording and reporting

Facebook has become a way for us to record our lives. Facebook released a “2012 Year in  Review” which allowed you to see clips of your biggest moments in 2012, and allowed you to share that with your friends.

5. It’s growing

More and more people are joining online communities every day. If you’re not connected, you’re being left behind. And there’s a community for everyone, no matter how ‘out there’ your interests may seem.

6. It’s informative

Google, Online News sites, Wikipedia … worldwide news is at our fingertips. Twitter’s hash tag trends and Google Trends help keep us informed with the world’s trending topics.

7. It’s connective

Think about all your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Pinterest followers, LinkedIn connections. How would it have been possible to connect with every one of those people without the help of digital channels?

8. It’s transformative

The marketing industry will never be the same again. Marketing has transformed from just the traditional tools to a constantly growing toolbox of tech, gadgets, software and opportunities. Integrated marketing campaigns have become the most effective way to market to large communities. It’s rare to find a purely traditional campaign nowadays, but it has become quite common to find a purely digital marketing campaign.

9. It’s accessible

To secure maximum reach for your advertising and marketing campaigns, you have got to go digital. Digital marketing tools are more accessible (and often more affordable) than print – how many people do you know that still buy the newspaper in comparison to finding out what’s going on in the world online? When last did you leave home without your mobile device?

10. It’s immediate

The digital world allows us to change campaigns, adverts, blog articles, and more in just a few clicks… If a change is required to any digital campaign, it can be executed at a much faster pace than with traditional marketing.

11. It’s measurable!

It’s true that our office is full of tech geeks and we’re damn proud of it! New tools to track mentions, website visits and engagement rates are constantly being released. What’s not to love? Being a digital marketing agency, we realise strategy goes hand-in-hand with data – and as a maths ‘nerd’, I feel no shame in admitting I love measurability.

What are some of your reasons for going digital?


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