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Social tools for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

There is a very prevalent trend in movies over the last decade, namely Zombies!

There is a very prevalent trend in movies over the last decade, namely Zombies!

Somehow the slow walking half dead have managed to drag themselves to Box Office Gold, giving one food for thought along the way… We’ve all watched a zombie movie and found ourselves at some stage wondering what we would do if we were faced with an undead next door neighbor with a penchant for brains and slow motion walking. Which got me thinking: what would you do if the world suddenly faced imminent doom at the hands of some unstoppable virus?

The world of phone apps and social media is a virtual candy store of Zombie survival tools! So here’s my light-hearted modern day Zombie Survival Guide using only social media and applications…

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide apps

1. Cardio is the ultimate survival tool

Zombies may be slow, but they are persistent, so you have to be prepared to run long distances. Make sure you are in peak physical condition when the Zombies attack with a training regime that simulates a real life Zombie outbreak. Zombies, Run! allows you to view run logs and statistics, including calories burned and zombies evaded, and you can listen to your own playlist or the sounds of the zombie horde closing in while on the run.

2. Know where you’re going

Google Maps is a simple and reliable tool to navigate your way through unknown areas. With a wealth of information attached to the app, it acts not only as a map, but a business directory and GPS system. Getting lost is never an excuse for being eaten! So start familiarising yourself with your surrounding neighborhoods now…

3. Avoid traffic congestion

This may have been a problem when the rest of the world were still human, but with a limited amount of ‘functioning people’ left, it shouldn’t be a problem. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the apps that show where there may be a large congregation of people. Waze provides you with information using geo-location technology, tracking speed and location of other Waze users – giving you insight into the living and dead – the living will more than likely be travelling a lot faster and providing feedback… Plus this could be helpful in the initial outbreak days when you need to hotfoot it out of town!

4. Keep an eye on instant news

There are countless number of news sources; the best source of news however should be relevant to your area. Make the most of Facebook and Twitter in this instance – tweet locations, zombie updates, and possible tactics to other survivors to improve the living’s chances! And keep an eye out for others’ tips too.

5. Find food

You may have been a picky eater before, but now you have to put your qualms about green beans aside and get ready to ‘Veg it up’! Chances are that most livestock got caught up in all the Zombie mayhem. Rather be safe than sorry – the Wild Edibles App allows you to identify what you can and cannot eat!

The most important thing is to keep a good stock of charged batteries, as all the above could hit the fan if you can’t turn your phone or laptop on! If you’ve got some great ideas for an app to help with the zombie threat, we’d love to be the mobile app developer for you!


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