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Digital Swarm, another successful Digital Marketing event in Durban

Hosted at the beautiful Vega Durban campus, 2017's second Digital Swarm was a success.

Hosted at the beautiful Vega Durban campus, 2017’s second Digital Swarm was a success. Yet again, all the Digital Swarm tickets sold out in less than 24 hours.

Author, entrepreneur and CEO of Digitlab, Mike Saunders was the MC for the evening. Mike kicked off the evening by thanking the event’s sponsors, City Lodge Hotels Limited and GrowthPoint. He also introduced the night’s three speakers and gave the audience a bit of background on Digital Swarm and why it was started.

The first speaker of the evening was Brett StClair, Absa’s Head of Digital Products. Having previously worked for Google, Brett delivered a comical and energy-filled talk about how he sees the future of marketing in Africa. He also discussed the key role data plays in delivering personalised experiences to customers.

Verlie Oosthuizen, Partner and Head of Social Media Law at Shepstone & Wylie, was the second speaker of the evening. In her talk, ‘the legal side of freedom of speech and fake news,’ Verlie discussed how Social Media law in South Africa differs from the amendment rights of America.

Verlie also spoke about the possible legal actions that can be taken against those who create and share fake news, as well as what data protection means for marketing. Verlie’s talk was both eye opening and informative, which led to a host of questions from the audience about copy write infringement, freedom of speech and defamation.

The third and final speaker of the evening was Director, Leadership and OD Consultant at Appletree Culture Catalyst Agency, Travis Gale.

In his talk, ‘reframing work life balance,’ Travis spoke about the concept of a work-life balance and how the traditional lines between ‘work’ and ‘life’ need to be blurred. Travis also discussed how employees often have time, but not the energy to produce quality and quantity.

About Digital Swarm

Digital Swarm is an event founded by Digitlab and was created to fuel the growth of the digital marketing industry in South Africa. The concept of Digital Swarm is based on the notion of ‘swarm mentality’ and how people are influenced to follow the movement of the next person, collectively.

This is why Digital Swarm is important in the fast-evolving industry of digital marketing. It allows industry leaders to share their ideas and knowledge, and take the lead in transforming digital marketing. Others swarm to these innovative ideas and connect with each other to collectively accelerate the growth of the industry.


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