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Durban’s First Digital Swarm for 2018 Was a Massive Success

Durban’s first Digital Swarm for the year saw over 100 attendees gather at Vega School’s La Lucia campus.

Durban’s first Digital Swarm for the year saw over 100 attendees gather at Vega School’s La Lucia campus on Wednesday, the 4th of July from 18:00 PM.

The amazing attendance to this event is a testament to the need for a deeper understanding of digital marketing and how brands and people can navigate the digital world.

In fact, this insightful event hosted at Vega School by Digitlab is quickly becoming popular among advertisers, marketers, media and PR professionals, as well as local Durban brands.

The reason for Digital Swarm’s popularity isn’t only it’s amazing speakers and interesting topics, it’s also the fact that the event allows for interactive learning through Q and A sessions, knowledge sharing and networking.

The evening’s first speaker, Greg Bayliss-Lane, Managing Executive at Ctrlroom, spoke about creating meaningful human connections.

While, Mike Eilertsen, CEO and Founder of URUP and the second speaker of the evening addressed the topic of dominating the digital era.

Wish you had been there? Make sure you’re at Digitlab’s next Digital Swarm in Gauteng on the 25th of July at Vega School’s Bordeaux campus:

About Digital Swarm:

Digital Swarm is an event founded by Digitlab that fuels the growth of the digital marketing industry.

Digital Swarm is important in the fast-evolving digital marketing industry because it allows industry leaders to share their ideas and knowledge, and take the lead in transforming digital marketing. Others swarm to these innovative ideas and connect with each other to collectively accelerate the growth of the industry.


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