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How Your Press Releases Can Build Your Website SEO

It’s all too common that Search Engine Optimisation and PR are managed in separate silos in a business. However, when we use a simple practice of submitting press releases to online press offices we open up an opportunity to build high volumes of links back to your website.

Although there has been some speculation whether press releases are still valuable for SEO in 2019, the overwhelming response from professionals is that they still provide great value for PR, Marketing and SEO. This is primarily because press releases provide three of the most valuable attributes of good backlinking practices.

  1. The links are published by third party publishers
  2. The links are created naturally
  3. The links drive traffic from people who visit news websites

These links drive up the Search Presence of your website, especially when coupled with the knowledge of distributing these releases with the correct search keywords and SEO deliverables.

Bear in mind that it is possible to release press in a way that brings no SEO value to your website. It’s even possible to be negatively affected by your press release strategy if you do not apply the correct SEO tactics.

At DigitLab our press distribution services provide:

· Distribution to 350+ Live Placements

· Writing Included should we need to refine the press release

· SEO Friendly Release

· Instant Online Exposure that improves backlinks, traffic, and SEO integrity of the website.

· A full report of all the placements your press release secured online.

Please feel free to contact us should you wish to analyse your press release strategy and align it with your SEO strategy.


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