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A Brand Refresh That Takes Digitlab Back To Its Roots


09 March 2020

Digitlab is going back to its roots with a refreshed brand image and innovative positioning that truly encapsulates the essence of people and technology.

“Naturally, we’ve done a lot of work in the marketing field over the last ten years. We’ve designed brand experiences and sales channels that have fundamentally changed the way our clients engage with their audience” commented Mike Saunders, Digitlab CEO and Founder. “Over time, we have, however, realised that our strength comes from something deeper and more profound than great content and beautiful apps. It is actually our understanding of that enigmatic point where people and technology meet and it’s that, that sets us apart and helps us continue to retain clients. We’ve seen many businesses struggle with this unique point and it doesn’t only apply to Marketing departments. It’s impacting our client’s ability to grow their business, drive new revenues, retain their staff, train their people and develop products for new markets.”

Commenting on the affect their rebrand has on Digitlab’s portfolio of services, Kathryn Taljaard, Client Service Director said that, “What we do and what our clients have come to expect from us, will remain the same but with some exciting additions. Together with our studio services of community management, content creation, SEO, media planning, web and app development, we now offer a range of new services – including interactive workshops, digital research tools and employee experience design intervention. We are fully equipped to run educational programmes within businesses to upskill and inspire people about digital. It’s truly an exciting time for our business as we take our understanding of technology and people and apply it to a host of new challenges.” 

Most people think the name Digitlab is short for “a Digital Laboratory”, the name for a digital marketing agency. The origins of that name are however very different. Surprisingly Digitlab never set out to become a digital marketing agency; they set out to find innovative ways to connect people and business through technology. The term “digit” for the team at Digitlab is all about the anatomy – not the technique. It’s the digits on the end of your finger, the very same digits that you spend most of your time communicating with – the texts you send, the emails you type, the apps you open, the feed you scroll through, the links you touch and the connections you feel.

Speaking about how this fresh approach played out creatively, Digitlab’s Creative Director, Marc Fielers, commented “Business problems and challenges are unique to each company and can sometimes feel like an endless maze. Our ‘thumbprint maze’ icon stands for more than just the idea of solving and navigating unique business problems but also reflects how we as people communicate in a digital age.  Digitlab’s new branding identity aims to reflect this simple imperative, that technology fails unless it means something to someone. “

According to Mike “Most businesses agree that they need to become consumer-centric and we have developed a rock-solid framework to help a company go beyond consumer-centric to humancentric. After all, business should bring value to all its stakeholders as much as it adds value to its consumers.”

The humancentric model that Digitlab applies to problem solving has helped start-ups build products, and organisations drive innovation; marketers increase brand equity and meet sales targets. It has helped sales teams leverage the digital economy; entrepreneurs find focus and global brands extend their influence. “The model reminds everyone that digital is not a technology conversation – it’s a people conversation,” says Mike.


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