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Mike Saunders, CEO at Digitlab, on the TEDx Stage

We are very proud of our CEO, Mike Saunders, for being invited to share on the TEDx stage. This is an honour typically reserved for thought leaders and important figures across various industries. He used this opportunity to unpack a core tenet of how we, as Digitlab, operate as a business – human centricity. 

When we rebranded ourselves in 2020, we wanted to show just how deep-seated this thinking is, resulting in picking a thumbprint as our logo to represent how we are the unique pivot point between people and technology. 

This is important since, as Mike points out in his talk at TEDx, technology is doomed to fail if does not add value to our lives. “Technology is not the win!” said Mike, aptly pointing out how technology that only serves a purpose as a proof-of-concept without being truly useful isn’t likely to get adapted and will fall into obscurity. 

This is the thinking we use to approach our client’s business problems – leveraging the best that the world of technology has to offer while benefiting your consumers as much as possible. Technology is rapidly changing the economy we work in, not just incrementally upgrading existing tech, but with new technology sprouting up that opens new possibilities. This is an exciting time to be exploring how technology can improve your business, and we would love to discuss how Digitlab can help guide you on that journey. As a starting point, here is the full TEDx talk that Mike delivered: 


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