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Hooked On Tech

This digital economy is an enigma. People and business have been grappling with its potential for years. Whether we are trying to understand product development in a digital world or parenting in an app-crazy world – we have to admit that the digital economy is one of the most mysterious, enticing and scary economies we have ever had to navigate. That’s where our Hooked on Tech whitepaper comes in.

This paper aims to explore the impact of technology on people and how people have adapted in a technology-obsessed culture.

It explores the people dynamic in more depth than our CEO covered in his book Humancentric.  As explained in Humancentric, technology fails unless it means something to someone.

If we hope to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution, then we need to understand human beings more. What makes them tick, how they adapt, what their needs, wants, and desires are.

Whether you are in product development, marketing or human resources, this paper will help you understand the human stakeholder and that understanding should reflect in the way you engage in technology.

That, in turn, should create more successful outcomes to your grand digital strategies, depending on how you leverage it. 

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