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Things To Consider When Looking For A WordPress Developer

Your business won’t survive without a website in today’s online marketing and eCommerce world. However, building a website isn’t an easy task. 

If you don’t have the skills to make your own, you need to look for a professional WordPress Developer. Knowing where to look in a world filled with top-notch professionals is daunting.

5 Considerations When Looking For A WordPress Developer

There are 5 critical factors to consider when looking for a website developer. If you remember these 5 considerations when searching for your WordPress Developer, you’ll likely find the perfect addition to your business.

Know Your Goals

It’s essential to know what you want to achieve by hiring a developer. Narrow down and identify what you can’t do without the aid of an industry professional. Here are some common questions to point you in the right direction:

  • Do you want your developer to redesign your website completely? 
  • Should they improve your security?
  • Do you want new features?

Knowing what you want goes a long way in helping you find the right developer for your project.

A front-end developer will be an excellent choice if you want a few minor changes to the layout, such as colour and typography. 

A back-end developer is enough if you want some new features or improvements made to your security.

However, if you want a complete overhaul or a brand new website, you’d better search for a full-stack developer. A full-stack developer can handle the front-end and back-end of your WordPress website.

The other thing to nail down before considering hiring someone is understanding your website’s goal.

  • Will it be an eCommerce website?
  • Do you want to create a community website with forums and regular blog posts?

Understanding and defining your website’s purpose will allow your potential WordPress developer to understand how to develop your website better. 

Choose Between An In-House Team, Or A Freelancer

When looking to hire a WordPress Developer, there are two main options. You can either hire a freelance developer or a full-timer. 

Determining which option to go with depends on the scope and timeline of your WordPress project.

Working With A Freelancer

A freelancer makes the most sense if you know you’re only interested in a temporary hire. Freelancers also work as an excellent option for businesses managing a tight budget. 

However, there’s an essential factor to consider. Freelance developers may have multiple clients who consume much of their time, effort, and attention. 

Discuss how they’ll prioritise your project if you plan to hire a freelancer. Will they be able to give your website the time and attention it truly deserves?

Hiring An In-House Developer

The more expensive option, but also the more long-term, is hiring a full-time WordPress developer. 

A full-time WordPress developer is an excellent option when:

  • You expect similar projects to follow.
  • Projects that’ll take a long time to complete. 
  • If you plan on making your website a primary source of revenue.

A full-time developer will become more intimately familiar with your project and will give their full attention to your website.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to whether you want short-term access to a freelance developer or an expensive, reliable full-time position. The success of your project depends on getting this step right.

Understand Their Skills

Now that you understand the goals for your website project and know which type of developer you need, you must understand what skills they bring. 

The specific skills you need will vary, but there are three essential skills that any WordPress developer should have. Your website is in good hands if your developer has one or more of these skills.

SEO Understanding

SEO-optimized websites have a better chance of outperforming other websites in search results. That’s why working with developers with practical SEO experience is always a good idea. 

The higher your website ranks in search results, the more likely it is that your website will meet its goals.

Cybersecurity Knowledge

Every website developer you hire needs to know about the latest security traps and scams. The more familiar they are with the latest cybercrime tactics, the better they’ll be able to protect your website.

Surfshark reports that cybercrime claimed at least 6,502,323 victims and $26,116,000,000 in losses over 21 years. Having a developer that understands cybersecurity isn’t an option anymore. It’s a necessity.

Hosting Plans

Will your WordPress developer take care of hosting?

Developers who offer hosting solutions will save you time, effort, and money. It also allows them to control your website better and ensure its uptime. When they take this task off your plate, you can focus on other matters.

Do Due Diligence

Finally, you need to perform due diligence checks. 

Performing background checks on any new hire can be helpful when trying to understand their work history or ratings online. 

If you think it’s worth the time, contact their past employers and customers for more information about their track record. When your potential developer has excellent referrals, you can rest assured that you’ll work with a top-notch developer who gets results.

Remember After-Sales Support

After the project reaches its goal, your developer should remain available to address any problems you may have. It’s essential to have a means of contacting them in a crisis so that they can quickly implement changes and offer continued support.

Talk to your potential developer about any after-sales support they may offer. Find out how long they will support your project and if it’s possible to extend support.

Work With An Industry Leader: WordPress Development Made Easy

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