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Time To Assess Your Digital Marketing For 2023

2023 is going to be an exciting year for digital marketing. As business begins to recover from the doldrums of covid, there’s an optimism in the air for the future of business. Balanced with a realism of the hard work ahead. No one seems to be looking through rose-tinted glasses, thinking that digital marketing for 2023 will be easy. 

They are approaching the year with a dogged enthusiasm to make a difference, to fight for what’s right, to make a reach difference and to build back what’s been lost over the last few years.  

It’s inspiring to see the ways corporates are launching new initiatives. The number of investors backing new start-ups; the huge volumes of self-backed entrepreneurs building the future from zero-to-one. This is what makes it so exciting to be in the business we are in at Digitlab.  

In short: We help business, take their business into the markets they need to be in.  

So, I want to help, as much as possible, all those businesses and people stepping up to take steps forward into 2023. I want to share some key insights that I believe you need to incorporate in your plans for 2023. 

My hope? That it benefits you and that you achieve more because of it. If it helps, I’d love to know. Please tell me about it on LinkedIn or Instagram.  

Significant marketing builds trust

Most of big business is too focused on success instead of significance. Stop looking for how much you can extract out of the market.  

The number of leads, the number of sales, the number of impressions. Start focusing on what you’re putting into the market. When you focus on significance your marketing shifts into a whole new world and becomes a lot more powerful.  

Digital marketing for 2023 that focuses on significance asks how the business adds value to the customer and is focused on how to communicate this and make this clear.  

It makes the customer the hero. All this together builds trust and brings people closer to the brand, solidifies the relationship, strengthens the bond, and builds to power of the brand.  

Bottom line, focusing on your significance will build trust with your market and increase your share of mind, pocket, and voice. 

You’re wasting content 

Every business engaged in digital marketing is producing online content. That content usually has a limited lifespan on a social network, once released its no longer visible on social networks after 2-3 days.  

The PDF’s you produce to support sales campaigns are being lost in inboxes, and HTML email campaigns. All this content has disappeared into a digital desert of email archives, SharePoint storage and social media archives.  

Find ways to put this content to work, make it more available.  

Develop internal process to take that content online, make it public, reshare evergreen social content more often, and find opportunities whenever you create content to digitize it and move it into your website content strategy so that it can support your SEO strategy and drive valid long-term sales leads to your business. 

The amount of content wastage I have seen on corporate business is scary, if digital content ways printed on paper, this level of wastage with be a massive environmental crime.  

Instead, it’s a crime against yourself, you’re experience huge opportunity loss that could be rediverted into massive marketing benefit.  

Focus on the runway 

This is for those business that are setting ambitious targets but are cash or resource strapped as you step into 2023. 

Establishing the runway is one of the first tasks in taking any start-up to market. Yet I work with so many start-ups who have not worked on their runway and do not understand how this will impact their go-to-market strategy. 

The runway is the time between taking the business to market and the point at which the company will run out of money. Do you have one month, six-months or 5-years ahead of you before you start running out of money to operate your business,  

This runway is an essential discussion in start-up marketing because, without a clear understanding of the runway, there can be no clear understanding of the marketing and sales return on investment expectations.  

Once your runway is established you can begin reverse engineering your sales pipeline to develop a lead generation and sales strategy that will meet your targets, extend the runway, and help you build the business into the future.  

The time to reassess your digital marketing for 2023 Is now 

It’s essential to stay on top of the game in digital marketing. 

With the right digital marketing strategy, these new advancements will take your website to new heights and not just to the top of search engine results. 

Suppose you find that you’re feeling overwhelmed with all this information. In that case, we suggest you pick a digital agency to help you get your new digital marketing strategy into motion. 


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