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How Is Google Analytics 4 Better Than Universal Analytics?

GA4 offers in-depth insight across multiple data channels. Clever marketers and business owners can use this data to improve their marketing. Below are some of the benefits of switching to GA4.

Improved Data On Customer Journey

The core of Google Analytics has changed from session-based data. The focus now is on users and their interactions with your sites across different devices.  

GA4 marks user interactions as events making it easier for you to track your customer’s journey as they interact with your website and apps. 

For example, a user may click on an ad to visit your website on their laptop, revisit your website on their smartphone, download your app, and make purchases.  

Using GA4, you’ll have the tools to track each event on your customers’ journeys, making it easier for you to make intelligent marketing decisions.

Improved Measurement Of User Activity

On the current Google Analytics version, the default setup only allows you to track page views. You’ll have to customise your preferences to add tracking for additional sessions.  

However, with G4A, you can automatically track additional events using the enhanced measurements feature. 

Some of the events you can track include: 

  • Outbound links 
  • File downloads 
  • Site search 
  • YouTube video interactions 
  • Sections of your site users spend their time on, etc. 

Spam Or Anomaly Detection

One of the leading detractors of Universal Analytics was the ease with which spammers could send fake data to your Google Analytics account. The fake data could show a spike or a sudden decrease in audience visits. 

To fix this problem, Google now requires that only hits with a secret key can send data to a Google Analytics 4 property. The public can’t view this private key, but it’s visible on your Google Analytics 4 data. 

If Google Analytics 4 notices an anomaly with your data, Google will send you a notification.

How To Build A Digital Research Plan With GA4?

A digital research plan is a document that outlines your marketing objectives and the timeline to achieve these goals to ensure your organisation achieves its overall business goals.  

Without a digital research plan, your GA4 reports would be a set of data and metrics that make no sense.

Use Google Analytics 4 To Understand Your Visitors 

Knowing your visitors’ age, location, gender, and other identifying factors is the best way to understand their preferences and interests.  

With this information, you can create website content and imagery that appeals to and resonates with your visitors’ personalities. 

To access this information, click on the Audience tab and focus on the Demographics and Geo section.

Use Google Analytics 4 For A Content Drilldown

Content Drilldown is a report on your most popular pages.  

Marketers, SEO experts, and business owners must monitor the most and least visited pages. Without the Content Drilldown data, it’ll be impossible for you to develop SEO research or web development strategies that work and win. 

To access this information, click on the Behavior tab; on the Site Content drop-down, you’ll find the Content Drilldown Section.

Use Google Analytics 4 To Determine Traffic Channels

One cardinal rule is marketers and business owners should focus their efforts on the channels that bring the most traffic. We’re not saying you shouldn’t explore other traffic channels, but you should build your marketing strategy around your best-performing traffic channels. 

On GA4’s Acquisition tab, you’ll find the All Traffic drop-down. Once you select the Channels button, you’ll find the information you need on your best and least-performing traffic channels.  

Use this data to focus your efforts or develop strategies to improve your poor-performing channels.


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