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How Can A Hotel Increase Direct Bookings Using A Website?

A hotel website is a vital tool for attracting bookings online, but simply having a website does not mean guests will be flocking to it. In this article, we are unpacking seven ways a hotel can increase direct bookings using a website. 

Include a direct bookings solution 

The first step to increasing direct bookings using a hotel website is to make sure the website features a functional booking infrastructure. A website with only a contact form and telephone number will attract fewer direct bookings since guests need multiple steps to secure their room. With a direct booking system built into the website, guests can secure their rooms immediately without waiting. 

Pay-per-click advertising 

The fastest and most reliable way to attract immediate traffic and possible direct bookings on your hotel website is through pay-per-click advertising (PPC). This involves bidding against competitors to have your hotel website appear in the top positions on search engines like Google Chrome and Microsoft Bing. Your website might have infrastructure through which guests can book online, but you first need to attract those people to your website somehow. 

Google Hotel Ads 

Hotels wanting to leverage the power of Google can also investigate Google Hotel Ads, which allows them to advertise their accommodation options on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Hotel Search. Contact us directly to learn more about our partnership with Google hotels and how we can help you get started on Google Hotels. 

Search engine optimisation 

Pay-per-click advertising costs money but quickly attracts potential guests to your hotel’s website. On the other hand, search engine optimization (SEO) can be done without spending anything – but it does take longer. This is a long game, butSEO results in sustained website traffic if your website ticks all the right boxes as far as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing go. SEO is not something one should do yourself unless you have experience. 

Promote your best reviews

 Want more people to book stays at your hotel? Establish a section on your website where you can display your best reviews – and keep updating this section as you receive new ones. Future guests want to see what past guests have experienced when staying in your hotel. Reviews are trust signals on your website, showing guests that they can safely part with their hard-earned money and book a stay. 

Run regular offers and discounts 

Attract more direct bookings on your website with regular offers like discounts, combo deals and freebies. For example, you could offer special per-night rates on Valentine’s Day, over the Easter weekend, in December, and so on. If you have a database of guest email addresses, consider using email marketing to reach them directly with news about your hotel or the above-mentioned discounts, combos, and free stuff they can get with their stay. 


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