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Twitter Verification For Advertising Update - Blue Tick

How Twitter Verification Affects You and Your Twitter Advertising

In short, a business wanting to use Twitter Advertising must have a blue tick Twitter verification to run Twitter ads

Over the years, Twitter has dropped from one of the top three social networks to 14th in 2023; while there are many reasons for this, one of the biggest is due to the mass volume of uncertified accounts, spam bots and generally unoriginal automated content. The social media giant has finally taken a step towards ensuring authenticity by updating its verification policy. 

In this post, we will update you on how Twitter’s new policy is set to force advertisers into obtaining Blue Tick Verified Profiles before they can advertise on the platform.

Twitter’s New Verification Policy

T has updated its verification policy to require advertisers to have a verified profile to run ads on the platform. This change is designed to help Twitter protect users from being scammed or misled by fake accounts.

This change will likely impact small businesses, large businesses with small Twitter advertising budgets and solopreneurs using Twitter to promote their products or services. Many of these businesses may not have the resources or knowledge necessary to get verified. Twitter’s new policy could create a barrier to entry into the platform’s advertising ecosystem for these businesses.

What is Twitter Blue & Verified Organisations?

Twitter Blue is a new subscription service that gives users exclusive features, such as the ability to undo tweets and customise their app experience. For verified organisations, Twitter now requires a blue tick verified profile to run ads on the platform.

Benefits of Being Verified on Twitter

There are several benefits to having a verified Twitter account, especially for businesses and advertisers. For one, it helps build trust with potential customers and followers. It also makes it easier for people to find your account and see that you are an official source of information.

Verified accounts also have access to special features on Twitter, such as the ability to create promoted tweets and ads. Promoted tweets reach a wider audience and can help boost your visibility on the platform.

Associations are one of the most valuable aspects of the verified profile feature set. Your organisation’s champions can be affiliated so everyone knows where they work. Whenever an affiliate Tweets, sends a DM or appears in a search, a small image of their organisation’s Twitter account profile picture appears next to their name. Anyone who represents or is involved with your organisation can be affiliated: leadership, journalists, sports teams and players, legislators, customer service, franchises, sub-brands, products, and so on. An affiliate account you invite must accept your invitation.

Being verified on Twitter can benefit businesses and individuals who want to build a presence on the social media platform. It can help you reach a wider audience, build trust with followers, and take advantage of unique features available to verified accounts.

Twitter Verification improves organic visibility.

Verified accounts get features like the ability to edit tweets and post longer videos and 10,000-character tweets than everyone else — in addition to the other perks of verification. 

This means that you’ll do better with the algorithm. Twitter’s verification will allow you to “rocket to the top of replies, mentions and search,” – as twitter puts it – “Tweets from verified users will be prioritised.”

There are a lot of changes and updates happening around this at the moment; however, with the mass volume of pushback from media outlets and influencers, we’re not sure where all this will land just yet. Currently, it looks like TechCrunch has the best tracking of events if you want to stay up to date on the news of Twitter and Elon Musk

How to Get a Gold Checkmark from Twitter

If you’re an advertiser, your account must meet specific criteria to be eligible for verification.

Your account must be active and have a bio, profile photo, and header photo. You must also have a confirmed email address, current website address and phone number associated with your account. In addition, your account must be in good standing with Twitter’s Terms of Service and community guidelines – this means that your account cannot have any history of abusive behaviour or spamming.

Once you’ve met these criteria, you can apply for Twitter verification through Twitter’s online form.

To apply for Twitter Verified Organizations, sign up here. We support signups globally. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up and add your eligibility criteria to the form.
  2. Add your payment details.
  3. Your account will be reviewed.
  4. You will be able to leverage all the benefits of Twitter Blue. Still, your organisation will not receive a gold or grey checkmark, and you cannot add affiliated accounts until your account is approved.
  5. Once reviewed and approved, your account will immediately be verified, and you can add affiliations.

Read Twitter’s guidelines carefully before submitting your application – if it doesn’t meet their standards, it will likely be denied.

Implications for Digital Marketers and Advertisers

Notably, unless you’re a big advertising spender, you will need to get a Verified Profile and pay for Twitter Blue. That is, of course, if you still place your marketing emphasis on the Twitter Platform and where you reach your audience. 

The new Verified Profiles feature offers brands and businesses excellent visibility and differentiated opportunities. I also think that Twitter is making strides forward in the fight against uncertified accounts. Twitter’s verification policy is an essential step in helping to ensure that only legitimate businesses are advertising on the platform. It will help protect users and advertisers from fraudulent accounts while allowing advertisers to benefit from the increased credibility of being verified by a trusted source. The process may require some extra effort for businesses, but it will ultimately be worth it in the long run.

Twitter also shows that it understands the value of credible champion content for brands with features like Associations. It’s making Twitter more attractive for employee advocacy programmes and campaigns.

This new Twitter policy presents opportunities and challenges for businesses that use the platform to reach their target audiences. By verifying your business on Twitter, you can build trust with potential customers and show that you’re an authoritative source of information. 


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