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Youtube Shorts Research

YouTube Research: Short Form Content as Buyer Journey Awareness Driver

New research focusing on YouTube Shorts, the platform's short-form video content, has uncovered exciting insights. Today we delve into these findings, connecting them to the crucial awareness stage of the buyer's journey.

In today’s digital marketing landscape, YouTube has become a powerhouse for brands and content creators. New research focusing on YouTube Shorts, the platform’s short-form video content, has uncovered exciting insights. Today we delve into these findings, connecting them to the crucial awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

Background on the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey consists of three distinct stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. At the awareness stage, buyers recognise a problem or need. It’s the first step that can lead to a customer relationship, making it a critical aspect of the journey.

YouTube Shorts and the Awareness Stage

YouTube research highlights its “Shorts” effectiveness in capturing audience attention. The short, engaging videos are an ideal tool for the awareness stage, where potential customers explore and define their problems.

Summary of Findings:

The research indicates that YouTube Shorts are consumed more frequently and engage users better at the initial stages of problem recognition.


Short-form content appeals to the quick information needs of the modern consumer, efficiently introducing them to a new idea or problem.


Brands like Nike and Apple have successfully used YouTube Shorts to launch product teasers, sparking interest and curiosity.

Nike YouTube Shorts Channel
Nike YouTube Shorts Channel

Comparison with Long-Form Content

While Shorts play a crucial role in the awareness stage, longer-form content comes into play during the consideration and decision stages. It’s important to note that a customer is always expected to invest more in consideration content than awareness content:


Longer videos present an opportunity for content creators to dive deeply into a subject. By providing detailed information and insights, these videos enable viewers to gain a more profound understanding of the topic at hand. This deep exploration not only holds the viewers’ attention but also encourages them to reflect and engage with the content more thoughtfully. In turn, this fosters a stronger connection between the viewer and the subject matter, encouraging further exploration and consideration.


The choice of long-form content plays a vital role in fostering meaningful interactions with the audience. Unlike short clips that might only skim the surface of a subject, long-form videos allow for an in-depth examination of complex issues. This comprehensive approach helps viewers to gain a nuanced understanding of the material, leading to more educated and informed decision-making. The extended time spent on content also tends to create a more personal connection, enhancing the overall viewership experience and often leading to higher retention and satisfaction rates.

Influence on Marketing Strategies:

The emergence of new research and understanding of content forms can have a profound effect on marketing strategies, particularly in the context of platforms like YouTube. Here’s how:

YouTube Shorts for Awareness:

Brands can utilise YouTube Shorts, the brief and engaging video clips, to create dynamic awareness campaigns. These short videos can be incredibly effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention quickly, delivering key messages, and sparking interest. They are particularly useful in the early stages of the customer journey, where the primary goal is to build awareness and attract potential consumers.

Combining Short and Long Form:

A more sophisticated approach involves balancing both short and long-form content to guide consumers through the entire buyer journey. Short-form videos can act as teasers or introductions, drawing viewers in, while long-form content can provide the comprehensive information needed to nurture interest and drive decision-making. This combination offers a versatile strategy that can cater to various consumer needs and preferences at different stages of the buying process.

Case Studies or Success Stories

Numerous brands have effectively utilized YouTube Shorts. This particular YouTube Short, below, shows the popular Italian creator, Lionfield, entertaining viewers with an optical illusion. The fact that Lionfield uses two Nutella jars in the video can spark brand discovery and consideration.3

And as Google explains, this user “Michał, a 25-year-old from Warsaw, Poland, provides the perfect example of this customer journey: “I saw a game from the ‘Lord of the Rings universe [on YouTube Shorts], so I started looking for information about it on Google. I added it to my bookmark, and I will buy it as soon as it comes out.” 6

Other Social Media Platforms: YouTube’s not alone

Platforms like TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram also offer short-form content. Though distinct in style, they, too, align with the awareness stage, showing the universal applicability of this content format.

YouTube Shorts Driving the Awareness Stage

The insights gathered from new YouTube research underline the importance of short-form content in driving the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. Marketers can craft more targeted and effective strategies by understanding and integrating this knowledge. It’s a reminder of the ever-evolving nature of digital marketing and an invitation for brands to innovate using platforms like YouTube.


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