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X (Twitter) and Brand Safety Controls

X Introduces Decade’s Worth of Innovation in Brand Safety Controls: New Adjacency Protection Unveiled

Innovation is paramount at X (vintage Twitter), a platform that celebrates the freedom of true self-expression. Over the last nine months, X has fast-tracked a decade’s worth of innovation to create an engaging, healthy environment where everyone, including advertisers, can connect safely.

Following on from our last brand safety webinar with Twitter, now X, here are the latest updates on X Brand Safety.

A Fusion of Free Expression and Safety

X’s philosophy embraces the belief that free expression and platform safety can coexist. By empowering brands to join the conversation on their terms, X is redefining the landscape of digital communication and advertising.

A Milestone in Commitment: Pre-bid Adjacency Controls

The launch of pre-bid Adjacency Controls is a landmark example of X’s dedication. With more than 1,900 global advertisers utilising this solution, adjacency to undesired keywords and handles is avoided with an efficacy rate exceeding 99%.

Extending Capabilities in Adjacency Controls

This month, X is broadening its industry-leading partnerships and enhancing Adjacency Controls, aiming to assist all advertisers in meeting their unique suitability needs. These newly introduced capabilities work in synergy to provide an extended level of adjacency protection, showcasing X’s determination to lead in brand safety.

Empowering Advertisers with Advanced Tools

X’s strides in building brand safety tools have been significant, enabling advertisers to harness the platform’s power while carefully curating the context of ad placements. Adding pre-bid verification is a critical move aligned with their leadership’s commitment, and the industry awaits its implementation with keen interest.

Jon Halvorson, SVP of Consumer Experience at Mondelez International, shared insights into X’s new feature, expressing eagerness about the direction in which X is heading. He noted, “X has made tremendous progress in building brand safety tools that empower advertisers to leverage the power of their platform while curating the context in which the ads appear.”

X – committing to brand safety and freedom of expression

The novel updates introduced by X signify a pivotal moment in brand safety, setting new standards and reinforcing X’s role as a pioneering force. These advancements reiterate X’s commitment to providing an environment where freedom of expression and brand safety go hand in hand.

In an era where connection and protection are vital, X’s new updates are poised to shape the future of digital advertising. The industry will closely follow the rollout and integration of these innovations, reflecting the keen interest in this groundbreaking approach to brand safety.

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