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Twitter X New Product Roadmap - laptops on desk

Twitter X New Product Roadmap 

Our CEO Mike Saunders recently hosted a webinar with the Senior Twitter Client Partner at Ad Dynamo, Erin Brett, on brand trust with Twitter X in the South African context. Many insights were shared, and lots of information was gleaned.   

One of the interesting bits of information that Erin shared was the Twitter product roadmap and what the priorities are for their products in 2023. These are Growth and Engagement, Reach and Relevance, and Trust and Safety.   

Let’s dive into each of these in a bit more detail, below.  

Growth & engagement  

For the platform to grow and for engagement to increase, Twitter, now known as X, needs to provide more ways for users to participate and create. Enter Twitter Blue, the new premium subscription service that elevates quality conversations on the platform.   

This new service comes with a range of other features like editing tweets, custom app icons, and bookmark folders. Not to mention the massive lift on character count that has everyone buzzing. The service also comes with new impersonation defences that increase the security of an account, which is something that users have been asking for.   

Along with Twitter Blue, Twitter products and features like Immersive Video and Reader Mode have also been launched to reach new segments in the market and ultimately grow the platform going forward.   

Reach & relevance   

Erin shared the platform’s progress with us around making ads go further and work harder, and the strides that Twitter X has taken with their full-funnel offering. They’ve recently launched three new products to help improve relevance on the platform and drive lower funnel results. These products are Collection Ads, Dynamic Product Ads, and Website Conversion Optimisation.   

Collection Ads will allow advertisers to showcase a collection of products and images, with one hero image being used and multiple smaller ones below. This creates a visually immersive and forward-shopping experience for users.   

Dynamic Product Ads allow advertisers to showcase the most relevant or recent product(s) to the right customer at the right time, to drive sales and conversions on the platform. Finally, Website Conversion Optimisation will improve the way that advertisers reach consumers who are most likely to convert on a lower funnel website action.   

The platform has also released new products to help advertisers increase their reach. These include Logged Out Ads, Search Keywords Ads, and Vertical Video Ads. You can learn more about these products by watching the full webinar below.   

Trust & safety  

Twitter’s goal is to maintain the trust and safety of people and brands on the platform, and they’ve implemented a few policies and features to implement this.

One such feature is Community Notes, formerly known as Birdwatch, which provides increased accuracy and context to tweets, therefore promoting greater transparency on the platform.   

Some of the policy updates include amnesty for accounts that were dealt with too harshly for breaking Twitter X Rules, as well as freedom of speech and not reach, which stays in line with the platform’s overall goal of allowing more freedom of speech, but not allowing freedom of reach.   

Another new Twitter product has seen the introduction of different verification badges for different kinds of accounts. A blue tick is for people, while the platform has developed gold ticks for brands and grey ticks for government organisations. This is also keeping in line with their goal of increasing safety and security and reducing fraudulent accounts and bots. 

If you’d like to find out more about the above-mentioned points, you can watch the full webinar below.


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