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Insights from the Twitter X Webinar w/Erin Brett - twitter x

Insights from the Twitter X Webinar w/Erin Brett 

We recently hosted a webinar on brand trust with Twitter X in a South African context with the Senior Twitter Client Partner at Ad Dynamo, Erin Brett. She shared some incredible and eye-opening insights into what the platform has been like since Musk took over.

Erin presented some really interesting facts and figures during the Twitter X webinar and also engaged with our CEO Mike Saunders about some of the questions that have been popping up since the acquisition. Here are some of the best snippets from their conversation.  

South African user response to Elon Musk’s acquisition  

Contrary to the rest of the world, the South African Twitter X market has actually seen a 13% increase in conversation on the platform, and a 19% increase in platform usage in South Africa since Elon Musk took over, which is wildly different to the global market that had brands pausing ads and asking questions.   

In the words of Erin, “The South African audience is different.”  

The Threads impact on Twitter X 

Threads didn’t have the impact we thought they did on the platform. Erin revealed that the widely believed notion that users were dumping Twitter X for Threads was false, with Threads actually trending on Twitter X as it had its viral moment. That’s a huge irony for Threads believers.   

Since then, Threads has seen a 75% traffic decrease, while Twitter X has seen a 3.5% user base increase. You do the math.  

South African Twitter X and the receptive audience

When people log onto the platform, they’re not doing so to passively scroll, but rather to seek out information. That’s a big differentiator for the platform because that speaks to the overall receptiveness of the users in South Africa.   

This is particularly true for shopping experiences on Twitter X. Erin shared that users are sharing their shopping reviews, experiences, purchases etc. on the platform and seeing a steady increase in engagement from brands and other users on the platform. This mirrors the everyday shopping experiences of consumers outside of social media, which is interesting.   

The platform’s big success points post-acquisition  

The main point that Erin wanted to stress in this regard is that Twitter X is a full-funnel offering, from launching, connecting, and driving people to buy. These are the three superpowers of the platform according to Erin, and it’s what sets it apart in today’s online market.   

Watch the full webinar and get all the insights from Erin and Mike’s conversation below.


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