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Benefits of using HubSpot playbooks

Playbooks are assets that consistently add value, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This perpetual adaptability makes playbooks an indispensable part of a successful sales and customer service strategy.

Are you using HubSpot Playbooks? If not, you’re not alone. Many people overlook this tool in HubSpot because they’re unsure what it is or how to use it. Even if someone knows about playbooks and how to use them, the idea of building a playbook can be intimidating. 

Integrating playbooks into customer service and client success functions can be a game-changer for your organisation.

These comprehensive guides can set the standard for client interactions, problem-solving, and relationship management. 

By providing a unified framework, playbooks enable your teams to deliver a consistently high level of service. 

This approach streamlines internal operations and enhances the client experience, facilitating scalability without sacrificing quality. 

What is a HubSpot Playbook?

A HubSpot playbook is a real-time repository of proven tactics, templates, and guidelines to enhance your marketing and sales initiatives. It eliminates uncertainties for sales reps by offering clear directives on call objectives, focus points, and execution strategies. 

Benefits of using HubSpot playbooks: 

Increased efficiency
Playbooks provide a step-by-step guide for executing specific tasks, which can help streamline processes and reduce the time and effort required to complete them.
Playbooks can help ensure that all team members follow the same processes and use the same templates, which can help improve consistency in messaging and branding.
Improved performance
Playbooks can provide proven effective strategies and tactics, which can help organisations achieve better results from their inbound marketing and sales efforts.
Easier onboarding
Playbooks can be used to train new team members on the company's inbound marketing and sales processes, helping them get up to speed more quickly.
Better Collaboration
Playbooks can provide a centralised location for storing resources and information that can be accessed by all team members, which can help improve collaboration and communication.
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Creating the playbook: Defining the sales process & beyond

Before diving into HubSpot to craft your playbooks, take a comprehensive look at your entire sales pipeline and extend that examination into the customer journey. Understand the various stages of your business pipeline, lead statuses, and the lifecycle stages of your customers.

This in-depth analysis will give you valuable insights into which playbooks are most needed and where they can best support your sales and customer processes. By taking a holistic view, you’re better positioned to create playbooks that enhance sales performance and enrich the overall customer experience.

Example 1: General Sales Pipeline

  1. Lead Generation 
  2. Initial Contact 
  3. Qualification – Qualification Meeting Playbook 
  4. Proposal 
  5. Negotiation – Negotiation Playbook 
  6. Closed-Won – Deal Closure Playbook 
  7. Onboarding – Onboarding Playbook 
  8. Upsell/Renewal – Upsell/Renewal Playbook 

Example 2: Generic B2B Sales Cycle

  1. Market Research 
  2. Prospecting 
  3. Initial Outreach – Initial Contact Playbook 
  4. Discovery Meeting – Discovery Meeting Playbook 
  5. Solution Presentation – Solution Presentation Playbook 
  6. Quote/Proposal 
  7. Contract Review – Contract Review Playbook 
  8. Closing – Closing Playbook 
  9. Post-Sale Follow-Up – Post-Sale Playbook 

Note: Both pipelines can be customised to fit the specific needs of your business, including additional or fewer stages depending on your operations. These foundational guides can be tailored to align with your unique business requirements and customer journey phases. 

Let's dive into some detail behind the B2B sales cycle playbooks:

Initial Contact Playbook
This playbook equips your team with standardised email templates, phone scripts, and follow-up strategies for the first touchpoint with a prospect. It aims to make the initial contact as effective as possible, setting the tone for future interactions and ensuring consistency across the team.
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Discovery Meeting Playbook
Designed for the critical phase where you're learning about the prospect's needs, challenges, and goals. This playbook offers a structured agenda, key questions to ask, and objectives to achieve by the end of the meeting. It serves as a roadmap for a focused and constructive discussion.
Solution Presentation Playbook
This playbook outlines how to conduct an impactful meeting where the solution to a client's needs or problems is presented. It includes slide layout suggestions, key talking points, and potential objections with appropriate responses. It aims to offer a polished and compelling presentation.
Contract Review Playbook
Beyond just a checklist, this playbook provides the vital legal considerations, typical red flags, and negotiation levers that might be important during the contract review stage. It equips team members with the tools to navigate this complex phase.
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Closing Playbook
This encapsulates the final steps to take a prospect from "almost closed" to "closed." It provides guidelines for summarising the agreement, reiterating the value proposition, and confirming that both parties are aligned before finalising the deal.
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Post-Sale Playbook
Once a deal is closed, the relationship doesn't end; it shifts. This playbook guides the team on conducting post-sale meetings, including steps for ensuring customer satisfaction, identifying upsell or cross-sell opportunities, and collecting valuable feedback for continuous improvement.
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These playbooks are meant to be living documents that can be updated with new insights, strategies, and best practices. Feel free to customise them to align with your business’s needs better.

What should you include in your playbook?

A practical playbook should be deeply integrated with your sales methodology, providing a step-by-step approach that aligns with your business goals. It must also include shareable content for your reps to use during client interactions, adding value to each sales cycle stage.  

A sales playbook isn't just a guide; it's the backbone of your sales process.

Notably, a playbook should allow customisation to fit your specific customer personas, ensuring your sales strategy addresses your target audience’s unique needs and pain points. HubSpot has a great comprehensive video on creating the structure for your playbooks:

Targeting playbooks for the right stage of the customer journey 

HubSpot has a great feature designed to enhance workflow consistency across your teams. Automatically suggesting relevant playbooks based on the stage a deal is currently in.  

For instance, when a sales representative changes the deal stage to “appointment scheduled,” the system will prompt them to utilise the specific playbook designed for that upcoming appointment.  

This proactive recommendation ensures that sales reps are aligned and follow a uniform process, thereby maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of customer interactions at each stage of the sales cycle. 

Constantly evolving and continually adding value.

In summary, playbooks are not just a set-it-and-forget-it tool but a dynamic asset that should evolve with your organisation’s needs and goals. Starting simple and continuously iterating allows these guides to remain valuable, relevant, and aligned with the changing dynamics of your market and internal processes.

Feedback loops from team members offer an opportunity for continuous refinement, making your playbooks increasingly effective over time. As your company scales and adapts, your playbooks should follow suit, serving as a reliable guide through every stage of sales and customer interaction. 

By approaching playbooks as ever-evolving tools, you create an asset that consistently adds value, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your team. This perpetual adaptability makes playbooks an indispensable part of a successful sales and customer service strategy. 


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