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Skill Development for Digital Marketers

Content and Data Analytics Lead the Charge in Skill Development for Digital Marketers

If you look at the digital marketing industry from the outside (or even the inside), the compass is constantly turning and directing organisations to focus on different key skill development for digital marketers trends.

As we look at the next six months, the landscape reveals a strategic light on Content, Social Media, SEO, and Data Analytics. 58-63% of organisations have earmarked these areas for significant attention.  

However, there is an intriguing undercurrent. PPC advertising and marketing automation, while crucial, seem to be riding a lesser wave of immediate priority, capturing the attention of less than 40% of organisations.

Skill Development for Digital Marketers

Let’s look at the details of these skill development trends in detail and uncover the changing currents that steer the course of digital marketing strategies. 

The Rising Stars: Content, Social Media, SEO, and Data Analytics 

Content creation, social media management, search engine optimisation (SEO), and data analytics are emerging as the shining stars in the digital marketing galaxy. Organisations recognise the power of compelling narratives, engaging social interactions, strategic online visibility, and data-driven decision-making. The high percentage of attention marked for these areas indicates a collective acknowledgement of their pivotal role in shaping successful digital marketing campaigns. 

Specialisation vs. Skill Commoditisation 

A discernible shift is seen in the lesser emphasis on skills like PPC and marketing automation. This signals a broader trend toward outsourcing more technical tasks, showing a strategic balance between in-house specialisations and external expertise.  

Organisations are building a hybrid approach to building their digital marketing departments. They’re strategically selecting areas for internal skill development while relying on external proficiency where beneficial. 

Building Distinctive Competencies 

The shift towards internal skills development not only reflects a pragmatic approach to resource allocation but also signals a desire to build distinctive competencies tailored to specific organisational needs.  

As content takes centre stage on the digital landscape, organisations are recognising the importance of nurturing unique skill sets that set them apart in a crowded digital marketplace. 

The Pitfalls of Commoditisation 

The market is seeing a potential commoditisation of newly in-demand skills. This is reminiscent of patterns seen in the past with social media marketing. As specific content specialisations become more widespread, there is a risk of devaluation, urging businesses to innovate continuously.  

This innovation is particularly crucial as these areas increasingly impact generative AI, automation, and technology advancements. 

Charting a Course for Continuous Innovation 

The skill development for digital marketers trends showcases a dynamic landscape where organisations are strategically aligning their internal expertise with external resources. While content, social media, SEO, and data analytics dominate the immediate priorities, the lesser focus on PPC advertising and marketing automation invites serious thought.  

As the currents change, those who navigate with a blend of strategic skill development and a commitment to innovation will undoubtedly chart a successful course in the unpredictable waters of digital marketing. 

The State of Digital Report 

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