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Why We Don’t Sell Leads

For more than ten years we have been building internal lead generation pipelines to improve lead quality and volume and reduce acquisition costs for our clients. Sell leads? Never. See more below.

This approach, known as Revenue Operations (RevOps), aims to streamline and optimise your marketing and sales systems. We achieve this by integrating a unique blend of CRM, inbound marketing, outbound sales, analytics, and marketing and sales automation, all underpinned by a data-led strategy. Typically, we incorporate HubSpot as our chosen CRM to manage and enhance these processes. 

At Digitlab, we don’t sell leads for a specific reason. The conventional method of selling leads typically requires providing tangible benefits to customers. Here’s why: 

Quality Over Quantity 

When leads are sold, the emphasis is often on quantity rather than quality. Bulk leads may need to be better targeted or relevant, leading to low conversion rates and wasted resources. This approach does not guarantee that the leads align with your business needs and goals. 

Lack of Customisation 

Purchased leads are typically generic and require more customisation for higher conversion rates. They do not consider value proposition, brand identity, or the specific characteristics of your ideal customer profile. This one-size-fits-all model does not effectively serve the client. 

Short-Term Focus 

Lead-selling models are often transactional, focusing on short-term gains rather than building long-term relationships and sustainable growth. This approach can lead to a high churn rate, where leads do not convert into loyal customers, ultimately diminishing the return on investment. 

Limited Control and Insights 

When you buy leads, you have limited control over the lead generation quality of the data quality insights that could inform your marketing and sales strategies. Optimising and improving your processes is only possible with an understanding of where your leads are coming from and how they are generated, which means the lead is often never nurtured. Leads that are not nurtured are less likely to convert because they need to receive the necessary follow-up and engagement to move them through the sales funnel.

Without nurturing, leads may lose interest or choose a competitor, resulting in missed opportunities and lower conversion rates. 

Building Value in Your Database 

When you develop your leads, you build value in your database, creating a map of your future customer base. This approach ensures a comprehensive understanding, allowing you to tailor your marketing efforts effectively. Conversely, when you buy leads, you take a risk that others create a line of customers who they think are your customers. Internalising your lead generation approach brings control to your lead community, ensuring that the leads you generate. 

What is Our Approach? 

If you would like to know more about our approach and how we can help you develop your own lead-generation pipelines, don’t hesitate to contact us about lead-generation services. 


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