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Employee Social

Generate more return than
social media advertising

Employee advocacy simple means:

the promotion and awareness of a company and its products and services by the employees who work there.

Advocacy Programmes

Our Employee Social Advocacy Programmes are designed to extend the reach and improve the authenticity of your brand through the promotion of content in employee and partner social feeds. Learning from our trust equation, we know that social algorithms and personally shared content has a much higher propensity for engagement, reach and sharability inside social networks.

These programmes are built on a strategic foundation to drive the return the business needs. We develop engaging and sharable content that employees and partners would like to share on their social profiles and deliver to them via a mobile application or over email (based on their preference).

This content is managed, distributed, and analysed through our employee advocacy platform. As Platinum Sprout Social Partners, we will seamlessly roll out BAMBU into your organisation and onboard your staff and partners.

Once your people have been onboarded, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing exponential brand reach from your advocacy programme.

Why our employee advocacy programmes work:

  • Employee Advocacy generates an exponentially better return on investment than social media advertising.
  • It looks like Word-of-Mouth marketing, and every post comes with the person’s recommendation, thus building a trusted content distribution channel.
  • Our programme delivers detailed analytics on the reach and engagement of each post.
  • Our programmes do not force content onto people’s profiles. All content sharing is voluntary and, as such, continues to build the authenticity of the brand.
  • Our team works with the sales, consulting, recruitment and marketing teams in your organisation to help them generate the highest level of return.

Case Study: Alexander Forbes Wealth

A crucial part of the strategy was to develop a considerable personal brand presence for all of the Wealth Managers involved in the campaign.

The results were impressive, with just 16 Wealth Managers taking part in the programme. We achieved over 390 000 impressions with over 880 engagements— a remarkable milestone considering the challenges of marketing niche financial products in a post-pandemic society.

Thought Leadership

Read the interview on Employee Advocacy with our CEO on ITWEB:

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