In 2014 Nedbank entrusted Digitlab with its digital brand analysis and research. After a busy and successful year, complete with an IAB Bookmarks Nomination, we are pleased to announce that Nedbank renewed their contract for 2015.

The service we provide Nedbank, one of South Africa’s top players in the banking sector, is to conduct a digital analysis of all of its social media networks and digital platforms to provide insight into the brand’s campaign performance, online reputation, and customer satisfaction. Such insight better equips the brand to make well-informed and strategic decisions.

Sometimes reporting back on the work you are doing in the digital communication space can get distorted by the “mark your own homework” effect. Having Digitlab on board has enabled Nedbank to have a completely independent view on our brand from our communities perspective. Digitlab have provided Nedbank with an exceptional insight into the community we talk to on a daily basis. This has resulted in Nedbank becoming more nimble with their approach to product and customer service.

Craig Smee Head of Social Media and Digital Communications at Nedbank Retail.
Last modified: March 8, 2020

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