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EasyBiz Website

About EasyBiz

In short, EasyBiz is a robust team that provides QuickBooks accounting online (cloud) software and support to all African small and medium businesses. They provide Accounting solutions, as well as having different escalation levels, depending on their clients’ queries. They are the South African partners and work closely with Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks Accounting software. EasyBiz is our local IT/ business partner.

The Challenge

The EasyBiz website platform began experiencing stability concerns, as it had been through too many design and development iterations over the years. These iterations left the current website unstable and unreliable. EasyBiz needed to rebuild its website property in a way that presented its current business well and removed the weight of legacy products and services.

A project like this becomes complicated to manage the user experience as it has many actions that it hopes people will take on the site. The website needed to deliver on education priorities, drive affiliate marketing, facilitate digital and physical product sales, and provide a strong support channel for its products and services.

Our Role

Digitlab was bought in to manage the user journey planning and design. After the user journeys were established, Digitlab handled the design and development processes, SEO structures, and the implementation of their CRM processes.

The Work

User Experience

Our teams collaborated extensively across consumer research, user experience design, and development to produce a website whose user journey was slick and unencumbered.


The overall site design needs to draw from the Quickbooks branding but without replicating the design and brand completely. We created a site that paid homage to the strong, global Quickbooks brand while providing EasyBiz Technologies with a distinct look and feel that could stand on its own.

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Digitlab knitted together an e-commerce structure that incorporates all the business aspects of the website. In each case, the user journey was considered and the shortest route to purchase (or action) was selected to improve the conversion to sales.

CRM planning

Digitlab assessed the CRM systems available to the client and met with services providers to understand the capability of their CRM products. We then helped advise the client on the way forward and how the technology integration would work, as well as the necessary process and the implications it would have on their website implementation.

Technology Planning and Development

As we were rebuilding the site from scratch Digitlab was able to reconsider all technologies that were being used on the old website and re-assess their value to the site and the clients business. Our approach is always to avoid using technology for the sale of technology, each piece of tech needs to serve a customer or the business – if not, it was scrapped from the development process.

This streamlined approach helped reduce the number of plugins and third-party integrations significantly. There are many benefits to this reduction, but most notably the website security improved, the speed improved and the complexity of the CMS is simplified making future updates easier to manage.

The Result

The client was able to launch a new website in time before their previous website became too unstable. Their launch also refreshed their online brand and developed a strong lead generation tool for the company.


We had a very tight deadline to get our new website up. The Digitlab team went over and above to make sure our website was not just ready on time, but delivered an “exceptional website” that successfully met the needs of our clients and our business.

Samantha Moreira – Easybiz Marketing Manager
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