Wooing search engines with fresh content

Wake up and smell the fresh coffee! Or in this case, the fresh content…

Whenever I look at search engine optimisation (the art of getting search engines to like you), I always come back to creating original content. Yes, I know that there are many other ways to achieve better search engine placement – like article directories, back linking campaigns and a host of other clever linking strategies – but not one of these can give you both long- and short-term growth in your website traffic.

Social media loves fresh content

A new blog post often ends up in the social media sphere, and is shared around by interested people until it becomes dull and boring. As this content travels around social media channels, it generates a relatively large amount of initial traffic to your website.

Round about now, people usually ask me what makes something social media friendly. There are three tips to think about:

1) Fresh content is relevant to the times and needs of your customers
2) It also adds value to the global online conversation on the topic you’re writing about
3) Lastly, it’s is easy to digest and easy to share.

Google loves fresh content

Google is looking for websites that are continuously generating things that are interesting. This is because they can see that a well-managed and often-updated blog/website is normally managed by someone who cares about what they put online. They care about their website and the audience.

Google rewards these sites by ranking them well in search engines. They rank the articles quickly, but over time a website that produces consistent content on a specific topic will benefit with better general search engine growth. So how do we create content that is Google friendly? Here are a few thoughts:

1) Make sure your on page SEO is flawless
2) Make it easy to share to social media (articles shared on Twitter are quickly found by Google)
3) Guest blog on other blogs and use the opportunity to link back to your blog.


If this sounds daunting to you, don’t stress too much. Get in contact with us and let’s set up a meeting. Content Strategy, social media management and writing is something that we love doing, and we would love to help you improve your online presence. We’re also great at creating video and audio pieces that will blow your hair back.

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