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Martech Solutions

Martech solutions for more tech-savvy


As consumers become more tech-savvy, marketers need to grow their technology capability, and this is where our martech solutions come into focus.

Technology Strategy

We use technology to build the foundations for business growth, working with you to deliver exceptional digital and humancentric experiences. We design, develop, manage and administrate the complex technology ecosystems that give you the business capabilities to fuel growth.

Agile Execution Teams

We have numerous strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors. Our business is built to adapt; once technology strategy is in place, our resourcing model is agile enough to achieve the seemingly impossible. We’re able to upscale our team fast, to deliver quickly on tight deadlines and large scale projects, to bring in specialist resources for bespoke projects and tap into a worldwide network of technology experts through our direct partnerships with AWS, Sprout Social, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others.

Driven by Business Outcomes

We understand that investing in digital is only a means to deliver business value and growth. Our martech solutions offering includes working with you to plan your digital strategy, build an execution roadmap and engineer new business capabilities that will produce clear business outcomes.

Our offering is like no other in the industry

  • Our martech solutions include developing the technology strategy for the marketing division and work with them to execute it. This includes the selection and adoption of software tools, the development of new tools to move quickly on market trends, and the change-management controls necessary to help the business adapt to the upgraded digital ecosystem.
  • We will shortlist and advise on the best digital tools to improve your digitisation.
  • We will bridge the gap between your IT and Marketing teams to streamline internal business processes and ensure that the correct technology stacks are employed to support your overall marketing and technology strategy.
  • We will work as your development partner to execute the work necessary for the digital strategy.
  • We will build bespoke teams of skilled developers that match your internal and external technology strategy.

In short, think of Digitlab as your technology partner, helping you move from the big idea through to execution and ongoing operation.

Featured Case Studies

Growthpoint Properties Dossier

As part of our work in developing the Growthpoint Properties website on WordPress, we bridged the gap between IT and Marketing by developing a Property management system that became the central database and CMS for all the company’s properties. This database then engaged via API to the various front-end applications housed on mobile apps and WordPress websites to deliver the property data in the correct format. This creates an up-to-date, in-sync database where marketing and IT control each aspect they need, while providing a simple and efficient user experience to the customer.

The Durban FilmMart

As COVID-19 laid waste to the conferencing industry, the DFM needed to create an online conference in less than three months for over 1000 delegates. The event panellists, hosts, and sponsors all need to participate from worldwide locations to add additional complexity. Read about how we built the technology for this event, partnered with a professional broadcast team and successfully hosted the first and highly acclaimed DFM Online in 2020. This was one of our more ambitious martech solutions, and we rose to the challenge with gusto.

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