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Case Study

The Challenge

Criterion recognised the need for a digital transformation to enhance its online presence and better serve its diverse customer base. The existing website did not fully showcase the range of customisable forklift solutions and specialised services offered. To address these challenges, Criterion embarked on a comprehensive redesign and redevelopment initiative to create a modern and user-centric website. 

Our Role

Criterion turned to Digitlab to build a website that would draw in the ideal audience for their distinctive product offerings. The primary objective for the new website was to create a seamless and user-friendly experience, effectively communicating the industries that the company serves. 

Video scroll of the product archive using WooCommerce as a catalogue

The Solutions:

The website was constructed on the WordPress platform, utilising WooCommerce to manage the product listings. However, a custom plugin was integrated to disable the purchasing functionality, transforming the product pages into an informational resource rather than an e-commerce platform. 

The Results

Digitlab’s collaboration with Criterion in designing and building the new website yielded remarkable outcomes, reinforcing Criterion’s position as the premier distributor of TCM forklift trucks in South Africa. User feedback indicated an improved and intuitive browsing experience, leading to increased engagement and longer user sessions. The enhanced presentation of Criterion’s industry-specific services and the user-friendly interface contributed to a notable uptick in lead generation and customer inquiries. The website’s success in conveying the quality and versatility of TCM forklift trucks further solidified Criterion‘s reputation as a trusted provider in the material handling industry. 

Individual product pages with quote query form

About Criterion

Criterion Equipment, the exclusive distributor of TCM forklifts in Southern Africa, specialises in providing durable and customisable material handling solutions. With a focus on industries like mining, cold storage, beverage handling, and flame proofing, Criterion ensures that each forklift is tailored to excel in specific environments. Their commitment extends to offering a range of specialized attachments and ancillaries, allowing forklifts to meet unique customer requirements.