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Leverage the highest performing digital marketing channel

Our Complete Email Marketing Offering

Email Campaigns

We promote your products or services through carefully designed and written email marketing campaigns that build relationships with your customers. Our team helps you reach buyers and boost conversions by executing effective email marketing strategies.


Effective Email Marketing Strategies

You’ve worked hard to build an email database, but are you making the most of it? Think automated, personalised and relevant! Take your company’s emails out of the spam folder and into the favourites with email marketing campaigns using platforms like HubSpot that add value to your customers.

Email Campaign Strategy

We align your business goals with your email marketing strategies. Our team helps you select the right platform for your marketing needs, then design the user journeys from the email campaign to the relevant websites where the user needs to act. We will also analyse your audience and find ways to meet their unique needs at the right time when they will be most receptive to your emails.

POPI and GDPR Compliance

Our email systems are all compliant with the highest levels of information protection. Working with us means working with a team that understands the processes and infrastructures necessary for compliance in today’s digital economy.

Email Content & Design

Consistent, targeted content is front and centre in successful email marketing campaigns. Our copywriting and design team work together with you to deliver beautiful email campaigns that are mobile-ready and eye-catching for your readers.

Campaign Reporting

At Digitlab, all our work sits on a solid foundation of research and analysis. We use this infrastructure to deliver campaign reports and strategic advice on the next steps to improve the engagement with your audience.

Whitelisted Email Management:

We will work with your internal IT teams to ensure that we secure the correct email domains and remain compliant to ensure the deliverability of your marketing messages.

Email Marketing Automation

This involves sending triggered or timed emails to mailing list subscribers. It can be used to create an automated journey for your standard email database or to create customised sales journeys to nurture sales leads. We have also successfully used them to onboard new employees in a business.

We start our automation design process by creating a user journey email flow inside Mailchimp. Then, we track your lead engagement and get insights from these activities. Our team will base triggers for campaigns on our insights.

Branded Email Signatures

The most trusted form of business communication. Business email is the primary way of communicating with your most valuable audience – customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. If you’re not utilising the full marketing advantage of email signature marketing, you’re missing a significant opportunity.

Stand Out

Differentiate and add value every time you connect with customers and prospects. Digitlab creates stunning email signatures and campaigns for your business email or supplies resources and guidance if you prefer to create your own.

Central Control

Ensure brand consistency across all company email signatures. Control and deploy signatures, multiple campaigns and disclaimers for single employees, groups or whole organisations from a central console as often as you want.

Targeted Marketing

Schedule campaigns for individual senders or groups within your organisation or serve targeted campaigns to recipients based on recipient address, domain, previous engagement activity or keywords.

Drive Traffic

Use interactive signatures and banner campaigns with multiple web links to increase website and social media traffic. Connect recipients to landing pages, posts and video links. Integrate digital assets and platforms seamlessly.

Generate Leads

Receive real-time notifications when recipients engage with campaigns. This allows you to follow up and engage with customer and prospects that have shown an interest, thereby converting leads into sales.

Measure Success

Powerful analytics and reporting that supply invaluable insights. View automated company-wide reporting options or drill down deeper by division, individual user and specific date ranges. Compare the success of different campaigns and integrate with web analytics to measure conversion rates.

Works Where You Work

Integrate with your existing email platforms across all devices. Achieve consistent email banners, signatures & disclaimers for all major email clients.


Contact Digitlab today to find out how we can tailor-make your email marketing campaigns to drive:

Brand Awareness

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Thought Leadership

Sales & Marketing Efforts

Lead Generation

Customer Service Satisfaction

Internal Communication

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