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Moving your business from
problems to solutions

Innovation Consulting

Digitlab has over ten years of experience innovating digital and building products for our clients. We deliver value by moving problems into solutions, from concepts into implementation. We do this by combining teams (our Accelerated Innovation Think Tank, crowdsourcing and our associates) to find the best expertise to solve each specific need.

As a team of experts, who are well versed in the digital economy. We understand:

  • How to deliver on accelerated innovation objectives by leveraging new digital technologies
  • How to ensure your solution succeeds in a digital world
  • How to build digital solutions that people love to use
  • How to create customer experiences that deliver success
  • How to build online and digital business models that create commercial value
  • How to develop MVP products that don’t break the bank and that put the product on the road to success
  • How to embed growth hacking tactics into your product

We have an extensive network of experts and developers who can implement prototypes in any development language.

Our in-house and networked associate expertise includes:


Mobile & Web Development

Artificial Intelligence

The Internet of Things

Social Media & Social Business

Digital Innovation

Prototyping, Market Development & Customer Acquisition


We are thought leaders in Humancentric Innovation. Our CEO, Mike Saunders, authored the book Humancentric, which details a framework to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution through humancentric innovation.

Digitlab partners with you to manage your accelerated innovation journey by leveraging a Design Thinking approach enhanced with our Humancentric framework; this leads to producing products and solutions destined for success.

Humancentric Design Thinking

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Start your
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