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Case Study

The Challenge

Digitlab’s task was to design and develop a WordPress website using the Elementor page builder, incorporating WooCommerce for catalogue management. The focus was on creating a captivating product catalogue emphasising heavy machinery equipment and implementing a quote request system to streamline customer inquiries. 

Homepage scroll through

Our Role

Doosan, a prominent distributor of heavy machinery equipment in the construction industry across Southern Africa, approached Digitlab with a distinctive challenge. They sought a contemporary, user-friendly website serving as a comprehensive product catalogue for their diverse range of machinery. The objective was to create a newer, modern website to allow potential clients to explore equipment effortlessly and request quotes. 

Video scroll of the product archive using WooCommerce as a toggle catalogue

The Solutions:

Constructed using the WordPress platform, the website integrates WooCommerce for streamlined management of product listings. Additionally, a seamlessly integrated plugin deactivates the purchasing functionality. This deliberate adjustment successfully transforms the product pages into informative resources, redirecting the emphasis away from an e-commerce-centric platform. 

The Results

Digitlab successfully delivered a tailored solution that aligned with Doosan’s business objectives

  • Streamlined Quote Requests: The quote request system simplifies the lead generation process, allowing Doosan to efficiently handle and respond to inquiries. 
  • Optimised User Experience: The Elementor-powered design and WooCommerce integration contributes to a positive and intuitive user experience, fostering a sense of professionalism and reliability. 
  • Ongoing Support and Maintenance: Digitlab’s commitment to providing technical support and maintenance ensures the long-term sustainability and performance of the website. 

Individual product pages with quote query form

About Doosan

Doosan is the official distributor of Develon by Doosan, Tonly and Everdigm equipment and attachments throughout Southern Africa. DISA was acquired by the Capital Equipment Group (CEG) of Invicta Holdings Limited in 2008.