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G3G Website

HubSpot CMS Starter Project

Case Study

The Challenge

G3G stands out as a leading SAP service provider on a global scale. However, their prior website lacked user-friendly navigation and failed to effectively showcase their services. This brought about the need for a revamped user experience. Aiming for visual innovation and setting themselves apart from competitors, G3G sought to create a contemporary and inviting online presence. 

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Our Role

Digitlab was assigned the responsibility of designing and building a fresh new website for G3G, employing the HubSpot CMS system. 

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The Solutions:

The new website was built using HubSpot’s CMS system. Thorough research was conducted to select a comprehensive theme that would facilitate the development process. This theme was then tailored to align seamlessly with G3G’s established brand identity. 

The Results

The culmination of the project produced exceptional results for G3G’s online presence. The new website, meticulously designed and built using HubSpot’s CMS system, served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of G3G and Digitlab. By leveraging extensive research and customisation, the website successfully reflected G3G’s brand identity while offering an intuitive and user-friendly experience.  

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With its modern aesthetics and streamlined navigation, the website effectively conveyed G3G’s services to its global audience. Moreover, the incorporation of HubSpot’s CMS system provided G3G with a robust platform for future growth and adaptability. Overall, the project not only enhanced G3G’s online visibility but also positioned them as a leader in their industry, poised for continued success in the digital landscape. 

About G3G

G3G is an SAP Gold Partner with a 25-year record of successful accomplishments specialising in Enterprise Software Advisory, license provision, and audit and implementation services. G3G is an SAP-certified Partner Centre of Excellence. They aim to inspire their clients to use SAP technology innovatively for indisputable results throughout the entire value journey.