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Case Study

The Challenge

Digitlab faced the challenge of transforming HPE‘s online presence through a dynamic and user-centric website redesign. Tasked with showcasing the extensive range of Hyundai Construction Equipment and Soosan attachments, Digitlab aimed to create a visually compelling platform that reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The goal was to provide a seamless and informative experience for users, emphasising the reliability and high-value solutions offered by HPE. Leveraging our expertise in digital design, Digitlab sought to not only enhance the website’s aesthetics but also optimise functionality, ensuring that clients could easily access information, explore the product range, and benefit from a user-friendly interface. The result is a modern, responsive website that aligns with HPE‘s vision and positions them as a leader in the construction equipment industry. 

Homepage scroll through

Our Role

Digitlab was engaged by HPE to develop a website specifically designed to captivate the target audience in the earth moving and construction sectors. The primary objective for the revamped website was to create a smooth and user-friendly experience, effectively communicating HPE‘s diverse product offerings within the context of earthmoving and construction industries. 

Video scroll of the product archive using WooCommerce as a toggle catalogue

The Solutions:

Built on the WordPress platform, the website incorporates WooCommerce for efficient product listing management; while a custom plugin was seamlessly integrated to deactivate the purchasing functionality. This strategic modification has effectively converted the product pages into informative resources, shifting the focus away from an e-commerce platform. 

The Results

Following the collaboration with Digitlab for the redesign of HPE’s website, the impact was unmistakable. The new platform immediately garnered positive feedback for its enhanced design and user-friendly interface. Users found it easier to explore HPE’s comprehensive range of earth-moving and construction equipment, leading to increased inquiries and conversions. The website successfully positioned HPE as a prominent player in the industry, effectively communicating its commitment to providing solutions within the construction and earth-moving sectors. The overall response indicated a significant improvement in user engagement and an elevated perception of HPE in its target market. 

Individual product pages with quote query form

HPE Africa is the leading distributor of Hyundai Construction equipment and Soosan attachments in Southern Africa. Renowned for their commitment to facilitating positive change in every project, they provide high-value solutions for all earthmoving challenges. Their Hyundai products are celebrated for their reliability and cost-effectiveness, while their Soosan attachments deliver seamless performance in diverse applications.