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CRM Marketing
& Sales Integration

CRM software seamlessly integrates marketing and sales within a business. By centralising customer data, it facilitates collaboration and information sharing between teams. Marketing benefits from customer insights for targeted campaigns, while sales gains valuable data for personalised interactions. This CRM marketing and sales integration improves efficiency, aligns efforts, and enhances the customer experience, driving business growth. 

70 to 90 percent of decisions not to repeat a purchase are not about product or price. They are about some dimension of service.

Barry Gibbons, former CEO of Burger King

CRM marketing and sales integration equals success

Integrating sales and marketing is crucial for business success. It fosters communication, collaboration, and synergy between teams. This alignment ensures consistent messaging, avoids duplication, and enhances the customer experience. Shared goals and metrics enable better campaign measurement, lead generation, and revenue growth. 

Integrating sales and marketing functions promotes better alignment and communication between teams. It ensures that both departments are on the same page regarding target audiences, messaging, and goals. With aligned strategies and shared objectives, businesses avoid conflicts, enhance collaboration, and deliver a unified brand experience.
Integration enables a seamless customer journey from initial contact to final purchase. Marketing can generate high-quality leads and nurture them through targeted campaigns, providing valuable insights to sales teams. Sales can leverage these insights to have more informed and personalised conversations, increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.
Sharing data and insights eliminates duplication of efforts and enables accurate resource allocation. Identify which marketing campaigns drive the most value, enabling better targeting and higher ROI. Integration enables accurate tracking and measurement of marketing and sales activities, providing insights into performance for data-driven decision-making.

A bit about HubSpot

HubSpot provides the tools and capabilities necessary to align marketing and sales strategies. With HubSpot, businesses can centralise customer data, giving both teams access to valuable insights. The platform facilitates coordinated campaign planning, personalised lead nurturing, and streamlined sales processes. By leveraging HubSpot’s robust features, businesses can break down silos, enhance communication, and create a unified customer experience. 

CRM Software

HubSpot is supported by 100,000+ customers in more than 120 countries 

41,500+ customers are realising the benefits of HubSpot’s CRM 

HubSpot offers 200+ integrations with popular business tools 

Discover sales and marketing equilibrium on HubSpot

By bringing together your sales and inbound marketing data, HubSpot opens up a door to more effective, targeted CRM marketing that leads to more qualified leads, better sales processes, and higher return on platform investment. 

HubSpot provides a unified contact and lead management system, allowing users to centralise customer data and ensure seamless collaboration between marketing and sales teams. By effectively leveraging this feature, users can streamline lead handoffs, track customer interactions, and ensure a consistent experience throughout the buyer’s journey. 

HubSpot offers closed-loop reporting, enabling users to track the entire customer lifecycle from initial lead acquisition to closed deals. By integrating marketing and sales data, users can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, lead nurturing efforts, and sales performance. 

HubSpot’s powerful workflow and automation tools allow users to automate repetitive tasks and create personalised, targeted campaigns that bridge the gap between marketing and sales. Users can design workflows that trigger specific actions based on customer behaviours or their stage in the sales process. 

eBook: Identifying and Overcoming the Crisis of Disconnection

Discover the negative impact of disconnection in your business and how to improve your connections for future growth and success. 

Get your marketing and sales into balance

Unlock the true potential of sales and marketing integration by teaming up with Digitlab and HubSpot. Together, we’ll transform your business’s sales, marketing, and customer relationship management activities. Optimise your marketing efforts and turbocharge lead generation with HubSpot.  

Count on our proven track record and extensive industry knowledge to empower you in delivering personalised customer experiences that drive revenue growth. Embrace the transformative impact of HubSpot today and propel your business to new heights in the realm of sales and marketing. 

Unlock the
power of
HubSpot for
your business.

Unlock the
power of
HubSpot for
your business.

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