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City Lodge Hotel Group

The Challenge

Digitlab was briefed to utilise the power of social media to increase the number of user-generated leads to the booking platform for City Lodge Hotel Group. Key to achieving this goal was to improve the footprint and brand awareness of City Lodge Hotel Group across multiple social media platforms and geo-targeting sites.

The Goal

60% Increase in Social Media Referrals

100,000 Facebook Page Likes

16,000+ People Joined CLHG Social Communities

The Solution

Digitlab improved the footprint of City Lodge Hotel Group on social media (specifically Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest). Creative campaigns were conceptualised and executed throughout the year to attract and entertain new and existing fans of City Lodge Hotel Group. These campaigns carefully tied back into developing leads, thereby creating an increase in socially driven leads for the client.

Digitlab also spearheaded City Lodge Hotel Group’s presence on geo-located social networks and review sites to organise geo-located user-content and build a strong review strategy. This strategy improved the City Lodge Hotel Group brand in search engines by increasing the volume of positive reviews. This strategy also dovetailed nicely with social sites using geo-located content.

The Results

Through Digitlab’s creative content strategies, a total of +16,000 new people joined City Lodge Hotel Group’s social communities within the first year, doubling the volume of its engaged fans.

Under Digitlab’s care, City Lodge Hotel Group’s social media marketing campaign was responsible for a 60% increase in social media referrals to its bookings site. Twitter referrals increased by more than 65 times the average rate prior to the campaign.

In 2015 we were excited to announce that the City Lodge Hotel Group Facebook page achieved 100 000 likes.

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