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Customer Experience Consulting


RIB CCS is a proud member of the RIB Group. Together with the global pioneers in construction innovation, they strive to bring new technologies to enhance efficiencies and productivity in the built environment, digitising and transforming the industry as a whole.

The Challenge

The customer experience and online marketing strategies of the entire suite of RIB CCS products needed a review. Each product employs a wide range of technologies and marketing to engage its market currently. The intention was to streamline these processes, the communication to customers, and the lead generation pipelines.

Our Solution

Digitlab embarked on a detailed series of Customer Experience workshops with RIB CCS. This workshop series was custom-designed to collect input throughout the RIB CCS organisation from the executive team to the sales and marketing teams.

The workshops engaged all key stakeholders at every point of the customer journey and unpacked value propositions, user journeys, business objectives and the technical requirements to achieve the company goals.

After engaging the business stakeholders, in-depth debriefs and planning sessions were scheduled with the marketing teams to create action plans and outline the key objectives to achieve the new customer experiences outlined in the sessions.

The Result

The strategy sessions resulted in the development of:

  • A development and content plan for the RIB CCS Group website
  • Customer persona research and development
  • User journey mapping for each product, including the advertising, the website, and the lead nurturing campaigns
  • An exhaustive breakdown of the benefits of each product, which are used for writing copy, developing media campaigns, and driving creative marketing
  • Strategic direction on the sales strategy for future online sales
  • A review of the current online media plan
  • Design of Pardot (Salesforce) user journeys for each lead generation and sales pipeline
  • Lead generation landing page designs

Digitlab then took on an advisory role, working with internal and external partners to ensure the execution was meeting all the strategic goals.


The team at Digitlab, with special mention of Mike, is a real breath of fresh air! Each and every consultation brought new thinking and better ways of working to the forefront which when put into action has made a real difference to our marketing and sales organisation. From a more structured and crystal clear value proposition to more customer-centric user journeys that delight, Digitlab has exceeded all expectations. Kim Immelman – Head of Marketing

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