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Lemaitre Campaign

About Lemaitre Safety Footwear

Lemaitre Safety Footwear forms part of BBF Safety Group (PTY) LTD. They are the largest manufacturer of women’s and men’s safety footwear in Africa, with each pair being manufactured in their Port Elizabeth factory.

The Challenge

Drive awareness of the brand through a multi-channel campaign that will reach an important but varied target audience of procurement buyers, product wearers, and distributors. Our aim was to also improve brand perception and create a campaign mechanic that built a consumer database, capturing rich information on customer needs.

Our Role

Digitlab was bought in to extend the multi-channel approach to Facebook and LinkedIn channels. In addition, Digitlab created the USSD-based competition mechanic.

The Solution

Multiple user journeys were designed for each targeted customer and a bespoke experience and communication mechanics were employed in each case.

  • Procurement managers were hyper-segmented on Linkedin and targeted through carousal advertising. With clear messaging to empower the customer to promote the competition to their employees, the customer was driven to a resources page to support the campaign through internal communication.
  • The focus on Facebook was to engage with the end-user target market, the workers. The content was created to connect and resonate with them; with a tone of voice that was clear, strong, and authentic. Our campaign aimed to inspire the target audience as we celebrate them, the everyday hero.
  • The targeting used on Facebook was a mix of broad-based targeting and hyper geo-targeting tactics.

Moving Visuals

Static Visuals

The Results

  • The competition received over 1300 entries with 60% of entries completing a full user profile and opting into brand communications
  • The geo-targeted Facebook campaign generated 14% of the total successful entries
  • The Linkedin Company Page following grew by 10%

Key Insights

The digital arm of this campaign outperformed all other media channels on the cost per acquisition. To understand this more, digital cost 10% of the cost of the radio acquisition, 5% of the outdoor acquisition cost and 17% of the Print Media acquisition cost.

Print and Digital were the biggest drivers of successful acquisitions, showing that print and digital are an important media partnership when targeting mass lower LSM groups.

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