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Recipe App

About Huletts

Huletts is proud to be part of the South African family and has been making every day sweeter for more than 120 years! They’ve shared some special moments, crazy family gatherings, sunny braais and brilliant birthday parties, and we’ve been there when you need a sweet bit of space with your cup of tea.

The Challenge

Huletts engaged Digitlab over numerous years to advise and drive their online digital portfolio. As part of this mandate, Digitlab was asked to drive the mobile app strategy and develop an app that users would be excited to use and that would build brand equity.

Our Role:

The conceptualisation, UX design and development of the Huletts Sugar Application.

The Solution:

Huletts Sugar already has a strong reputation in their brand alignment with sweet recipes. Recipes are their most visited pages on their website and we proposed that there was a great market to launch a recipe app for the brand.

At the time of development, there were no competing SA Brands using a mobile app to reach their market. There was also an opportunity to provide the public a recipe app that provided SA Metric Measurements for their baking.

We embarked on designing a wonderful user experience that was beautiful to look at and use.

On the functional side the app included:

  • A guided walk-through for new users of the application
  • Menu Planning
  • Shopping Lists
  • Email Sharing
  • A recipe box to collect your favourite recipes
  • A personal notes section to record any personal experiences and customisations
  • A conversion chart to convert imperial to metric measurements and vice versa
  • A customisable home page to promote featured recipes and release new recipe packs for special seasons and events.
  • An effort gauge to let users know how good their baking skills need to be to bake the recipe
  • A product section that teaches users on the difference and benefits of each of the Huletts products.–c&t=6s


The Result:

The app was launched to the public and has received a host of 4 and 5-star ratings. The app achieved the goals of building brand equity and finding a new way to integrate the brand into the life of the Huletts customer.

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