Salty Lemon Startup


Times have changed. You don’t want to own things; you want to use and enjoy them. Owning means maintaining substantial upfront investments and long-term commitments.

Salty Lemon cuts that out completely – we give you the chance to rent with no upfront investment, no hassle of finding buyers when you want to upgrade, and the flexibility always to have the latest gear. Enjoying life means spending more time on the water than worrying about admin, after all.

Because of our deep love for the ocean, we’ve integrated environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices into who Salty Lemon is to help keep the world’s beaches clean, our oceans plastic-free, and the marine life protected.

Salty Lemon’s story is just beginning, be sure to follow the exciting things to come!


To launch a dynamic new business idea into a global market quickly to capitalise on the value of being the first entrant into the market.

We needed to build the idea from concept into a sellable product that could sell over online channels.

Our Role

Digitlab was bought in as a partner work alongside the Salty Lemon team. Our role meant that we were business consultants, digital marketing experts, designers and developers.

At Digitlab, we love working with startups to make their ideas a reality. Working with Salty Lemon to shift the digital landscape for the kite surfing industry was a dream job. The Salty Lemon team has such professionalism, focus and passion – huge success indicators and a pleasure to partner with.

Mike Saunders – CEO, Digitlab

The Work

Strategic Planning

We started the process by spending two days together in Cape Town at the home of one of the Co-Founders. The team from Germany flew in to make the most of the time together, and we spent time together focused on understanding and building the business model. 

We built out the entire product experience, define the consumer markets and dreamed as much as possible to make sure we were creating something new and exciting for the Kite Surfing industry. 

Then we got down to the hard part – making it real and practical within the resources available. We took the dream and created a phased Minimal Viable Product (MVP) approach to entering the market as fast as possible with a tangible product. 

User Journey Mapping

Our teams collaborated extensively across consumer research, user experience design, and development to produce a business whose user journey was built around executing the sale. We developed a user journey that delivered the deal in the most straightforward manner possible, without needing expensive sales tools, while maintaining the necessary flexibility to pivot during the sales process to new product variations. 

Digital Marketing Plan

Our digital creative team were task with creating a digital marketing campaign that educated how the business works and sold the dream of living the ‘Salty Lemon Lifestyle. Then these content pieces were released into the market with a set of well thought out calls to action.

We created the marketing plan specifically for the kite surfing consumer and leveraged the digital channels they enjoy consuming – driving video content, search marketing and social media to build awareness and understanding in the market.

Website Development

Creating a beautiful website fast was the job at hand. We had stripped out much of the unnecessary technology through the MVP development process and focused on building a simple lead generating WordPress website. Our streamlined development process meant that we could complete the site in record time to launch this business quickly. 

The Result

We managed to launch a carefully planned out market entry for Salty Lemon. From the first workshop day in Cape Town to the launch of the website took a total of 12 weeks and the team was able to shift their gears from concept to sales.


Salty Lemon is a young startup from Germany. We choose Digitlab as a marketing partner end of 2020. Since then, this partnership has turned out to be extremely valuable to us. I can only recommend working with them, especially with companies and startups within Europe, since we are working in the time zone, enabling us to push projects through no matter the geographical distance. Compared to marketing agents within Europe, Digitlab is offering an excellent price-performance ratio. We have found in Digitlab a trustworthy, loyal partner who thinks out of the box, which is really refreshing. 

Stefan Hain – Co-Founder & CEO Salty Lemon

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