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Ulovane Moodle Development

About Ulovane

The Ulovane Mission is to develop exceptional Field, Trails, Marine and Bird Guides who are committed to the Conservation and Eco-Tourism industries in Africa. Ulovane offers dedicated, professional and career-orientated training with the development of the learner as their priority. Attention to detail and a personal, hands-on approach ensures the success of their learners.

The Challenge

Once COVID-19 hit South Africa and the Government announced a national lockdown, Ulovane needed to move its training online as a matter of urgency and on a budget.

Our Role

Digitlab was brought in to build the bare-bones infrastructure to allow Ulovane to build and deliver online training courses.

The Solution

After assessing the project and researching the fastest way to launch an online learning portal Digitlab developed a platform using the popular opensource education software – Moodle.

“We chose Moodle because of its comprehensive support documentation and its proven track record. This meant we could trust the system to support the client and that they would be able to develop courses without incurring additional costs and agency fees. During the pandemic, it has been so important for us to find cost-effective solutions to the problems our clients are facing.” Mike Saunders – Digitlab CEO

The platform allowed the Ulovane team to upload and create online training courses immediately and begin to deliver online training.

There was also a need to build a bridge between the Moodle Website and the WordPress marketing website. Information from both websites is shared to enable sales and promotion on one and the course management on the other, keeping things neat and behaving normally.

The Result

The integration was smooth and setting up Moodle helped Ulovane get back into business during the pandemic.

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