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Pure Beginnings Teen


Case Study

Who is Pure Beginnings

Pure Beginnings provides high quality, effective, organic skin care products that are not harmful to the environment and provide healthy skin for tweens, teens, young adults.

Benefits include free from harsh chemical ingredients, natural vegetable oils, watercourse friendly, 100% biodegradable, community sourced, and sustainable ingredients.

The Challenge

To create awareness of the Pure Beginnings Teen range of products among both mother figures and teenagers, driving online traffic to the Pure Beginnings website and their distribution partners’ websites.   

Landing Page Walk-through

YouTube video targeting the mothers

Primary Target Audience: Moms

In general, parents have the buying power in their homes and are likely the ones who will be providing teenagers with the funds to purchase products from Pure Beginnings or most likely, purchasing it for them. For this reason, parents of teenagers were the primary target audience. 

Secondary Target Audience: Teens

The new Pure Beginnings range of skincare products was created specifically with teenagers in mind. For this reason, the secondary target audience for this marketing campaign was South Africans roughly between the ages of 13 and 18.

YouTube video targeting the teen audience 

Key Insight

Today’s consumers want to know that the products they use are good for the earth, good for society, and good for themselves.

Our Roles

The campaign aimed to drive awareness of the Pure Beginnings Teen range through organic and paid media, highlighting the quality of the products and the benefits of natural ingredients on tween and teenage skin. It also aimed to drive website traffic and invite mother figures and teens to find the range at partner distributors. 

Display Ads Mockup

Instant Experience Ad Mockup

Our Solution

Digitlab first created a campaign-specific landing page for the Pure Beginnings Teen range. We then went on to create a diverse, interactive blend of engaging content to drive awareness and website traffic on Meta, YouTube and Google. 

Content created as part of this campaign included visual elements such as YouTube videos and Google display adverts, and interactive content such as Instant Experiences and Carousels on Meta platforms. Campaign data revealed that the campaign received great responses and resonated exceptionally well with both target audiences. 

The Results




Clicks to website


Clicks to partner websites


Video views

Carousel Mockups

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