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Growthpoint Properties Website

About Growthpoint

Growthpoint is a leading international property company providing space to thrive. They create value for all our stakeholders through innovative and sustainable property solutions.

The Problem

Digitlab was commissioned to strategise, design and develop the new brand website for Growthpoint Properties. The client had specified that the website must be built on WordPress and presented some unique challenges as the business operated in a Microsoft Environment and we would need to handle all the aspects of integrating these two environments,

The Solution

Discovery Phase:
Digitlab embarked on a detailed series of Customer Experience workshops with Growthpoint Properties. The workshops were custom-designed to collect input throughout the organisation, from the executive and business representatives to the divisional teams.

The workshops engaged all key stakeholders at every point of the customer journey and unpacked value propositions, user journeys, business objectives and the technical requirements to achieve the company goals.

After engaging the business stakeholders, our team started working on the user journey designs for the website.

User Journey (UX) Phase:
During the UX Phase, our team designed every step of the journey and worked with the client to find that perfect pwlace to meet the user experience and business needs.

Once the UX Phase was approved, we moved onto the Development Phase

Development Phase:
Our team handle the entire development process from the ground up.

  • We worked with the IT team to develop a secure AWS Cloud hosting environment that passed the highest security requirements.
  • We developed the WordPress website and handled the implementation of all the website pages and user journeys
  • We developed custom WordPress applications to integrate with the Growthpoint Digital Dossier
  • We implement all the SEO criteria


Building the Growthpoint Digital Dossier

Digitlab managed the technical framework, development, and API management for the Digital Dossier project.

The Digital Dossier is a property information system that reads a JSON data file sent from a property management portal and ingests the data into an online intermediary content management system. This system manages the delivery of all Growthpoint vacancy schedules and Growthpoint properties to its online web and mobile properties. This is managed across 460 properties, and more than 15000 data points are updated daily.

Digitlab developed the platform to manage the JSON file, report any errors during the ingestion process, and input the values into the “dossier”. They then developed an additional Content Management System layer on top of the data files to augment the property data with images, pdfs and videos uploaded by the Growthpoint Marketing team.

Digitlab advised and implemented the relevant technologies and tools necessary to build the Dossier platform and developed the API to manage the front-facing applications. The API’s interacted with multiple websites and mobile applications.


“We are extremely excited about our new website, and it is a reassurance to our team to know that Digit Lab will be around to help us keep the site up to exceptional standards.”

– Max De Villiers, Growthpoint Marketing

“Digitlab is a professional team that dedicates itself to delivering technical projects at a high level of technical competency and within the agreed-upon timeframes. I have no hesitation in recommending them as a development partner.”

– Johannes Joubert, Business Solutions Architect, Growthpoint Properties

The Result

We were proud to deliver a powerful web-based lead engine with an intelligent data search engine. A simple and beautiful WordPress website provides real-time vacancy, pricing, sales, and marketing data in a simple and beautiful WordPress website.

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