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creating routine

Creating a Working From Home Routine

As the nation prepares for shutdown and we go about buying provisions, setting up at home workstations, shifting to a new way of thinking and doing and generally just trying to get our heads around what is happening make sure that you spend some time setting up a “work from home routine”. Here are some things that have worked for us.

Create a Daily Routine

Researchers have found that routine can have far-reaching psychological benefits and at this point in time we need to be doing everything possible to maintain and ensure our psychological and emotional wellbeing.

An Anchor in Uncertainty

In these uncertain times having a daily routine can anchor us and help to reduce anxiety. The certainty of a routine can help you manage the uncertainty that life can throw up, and boy has this virus throw uncertainty at us. Coping with unpredictable periods of time can feel more doable when we have a little structure in place to look to.

Optimise Creativity and Productivity

Research has shown routine is key for creativity and productivity. When you examine the lives of the great creatives of the past you see that they were able to optimise their daily lives by setting up a life of routine. The key benefit of routine for creative people is its regularity: if you find what works for you and then turn it into a process that requires zero thought, you free your mind for more important things.

Even though we are all going to be confined to our homes it is important to remember your day still has purpose, your day still has meaning. Be sure to show up for it.


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