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Digitlab: First Sprout Social Platinum Partner in South Africa

In 2020 we partnered with leading social media software makers, Sprout Social, becoming the first listed agency partner in South Africa to achieve the Sprout Social Platinum Partner ranking. 

"We always seek out ways of offering more value to our clients," – Mike Saunders, CEO

Lockdown rapidly changed how people use social media, and we felt like it was a pivotal moment for the brands and companies that we work with to utilise their platforms better. 

This partnership with Sprout Social was a great step towards that. Their software platform is leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors.

Our goal as a Sprout Social Platinum Partner is to create better connections between brands and social media users, helping them see the value in what they do so that, when it comes to a purchase decision, these brands will be at the top of their minds. That is the goal of creating social communities, and we’re excited to do that with what Sprout Social offers. 

Sprout Social offers several key features that help manage social communities:

Monitoring brand keywords, helping community managers keep an eye on crucial conversations in real-time.
Cross-platform conversation history, to view conversations with individuals as a whole regardless of where they reach out to you from.
Advanced multi-media publishing to consistently share engaging content with followers.
Multi-level reporting, to understand the metrics that are important to your business and monitor your progress.
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As a Sprout Social Platinum Partner, Digitlab has successfully migrated many existing social media clients to the Sprout Social platform and we look forward to offering it to you too. This forms part of our larger strategy to help brands engage with their customers better.


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