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8 Emerging Technologies In Marketing

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, from how we communicate to how we shop. 

With the shift to digital business, several emerging marketing technologies offer a significant opportunity for small businesses to compete against larger corporations. 

Not taking advantage of these technologies means losing out on extra revenue and a more significant market reach.

Digital marketing has emerged as the most effective method for promoting your business to a broad audience. No matter what your business offers, it stands to benefit from existing more prominently in the online space. But understanding where to direct your efforts can prove challenging.

That’s why we’ve created this handy list of the 8 most effective emerging marketing technologies in the industry today.

8 Emerging Marketing Technologies To Change The Game

Even if you think you have a good grasp of marketing technologies, improving your skills is a good idea. If even one of these options can add more value to your business, you should consider adopting it. 

1: Conversational AI

Leverage the power of AI to improve customer service and conversions.

Drift reports that 42% of consumers use conversational AI, or chatbots, to purchase products and services.

Chatbots can answer a client’s questions at all times of the day. Since they play a significant role in improving the user experience, it’s a must for any business seeking a competitive edge this year.

AI-powered chatbots offer an affordable alternative to the traditional customer service department. They can gather and analyse crucial data to help your business understand its audience.

2: Blockchain Anti-Fraud Platforms

Protect your marketing campaigns with blockchain technology.

Advertising fraud is a prevalent problem that impacts marketers from every walk of life. Research shows that marketing managers lose around $19 million yearly to fraud. 

To prevent losing your marketing budget, consider using blockchain anti-fraud platforms. Blockchain allows you to stay on top of your KPIs and offers solid data that can help improve your marketing.

For example, a blockchain-based anti-fraud platform can keep records that prove your product’s authenticity.

3: Data Analytics

Continue to gather and comb through your data.

While data analytics has been with us for a while, marketers still need to learn how to use that data properly. They can create high-converting marketing campaigns tailored to a specific niche audience with data.

Current trends include predictive data, more innovative, scalable data sets, and faster analysis. However, you can’t just gather any data. 

Your data need to be meaningful and help drive your business decisions. As consumers expect more personalised campaigns, businesses of any size should seek to gather valuable data to drive those campaigns.

4: Voice UX

Embrace audio experiences to solidify your brand.

With the increasing popularity of voice search, such as Siri, Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana, your business can stand out from the crowd by being ready for it.

Voice search is currently making up 20% of the total searches online. A simple way to prepare for voice search is to understand your audience and the user intent.

The impact of voice UX stems further than that, though. Here are some fantastic opportunities in voice UX your brand can leverage:

  • Audio Branding: Technology companies will embrace unique notification tones to stand out from their competitors.
  • UX Voice Content: Marketers will focus on ensuring that customers feel comfortable talking to a brand’s voice assistant.
  • Music: A growing trend among consumers is to connect with companies that share their tastes in music. Branded playlists will connect users and organisations like never before.

5: Metaverse

Include the Metaverse in your future marketing campaigns.

The Metaverse is a buzzword that’s been on everyone’s minds for the last couple of months. It provides an excellent blend of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), leading to a new 3D space where users blend the virtual with the real.

The Metaverse is leading to a new marketing notion called gamevertising. Gamevertising is where savvy marketers use gaming for advertising and promoting their brands.

6: VR/AR Content

Incorporate VR and AR in your advertising campaigns.

As more businesses prepare for the Metaverse, there’s a new, massive demand for both VR and AR content. Marketers have realised that incorporating VR and AR into their advertising campaigns plays well with users. 

Since there’s a steady focus on the shopping experience over the product’s price, new marketing technology can appeal to a younger generation. Here shoppers can enjoy a complete, immersive experience that builds brand loyalty and push conversions.

For instance, look at Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories app. It successfully connects a brand with a new, young audience through immersive experiences. 

7: Privacy Technologies

Stricter privacy policies will govern how we collect and use personal data online.

Recently Google announced that it would be phasing out support for 3rd party cookies in its Chrome browser.

Google plans to stop supporting these cookies and introduce new digital solutions to replace them. This change means marketers must embrace the idea that collecting consumer data will be more complex. However, it’s not all bad news for marketers.

Since consumers will deal less with aggressive tracking, they’ll be able to build trust in authentic brands.

8: Virtual Influencers

More brands will adopt virtual influencers to engage with new audiences.

Virtual influencers are one of the key emerging technologies to watch. These fictional, virtual personalities have realistic human characteristics and personalities.

Since they are more affordable than traditional human influencers, more brands will use them to control their marketing campaigns.

The demand for these computer-generated celebrities will create new digital roles in marketing.

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