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Employing a recruitment strategy has never been simpler

Many corporates often have difficulty putting together a sound and effective recruitment strategy and with the advance of social media, many corporates are turning to the digital platforms for staffing solutions.

Many corporates often have difficulty putting together an effective recruitment strategy. And with the advance of social media, many corporates are turning to digital platforms for staffing solutions.

In essence, the job space has never been as ‘marketable’.

Towards the end of 2011, LinkedIn announced its new recruitment product for 2012; “LinkedIn Talent Pipeline”. This falls under LinkedIn corporate recruiting solutions.

LinkedIn is starting to be seen much more as a recruitment platform, which if used effectively can offer an extremely beneficial tool to HR professionals. Every recruiter’s dream is to have access to a continuously updated CV on every candidate search they do. LinkedIn Recruiter is an HR dream come true.

Reasons why LinkedIn Recruiter is the answer to your prayers

Direct access to millions of passive candidates

With pinpoint accuracy, HR professionals are able to search millions of up-to-date user-generated profiles. This cuts down their time as they no longer need to focus on building extensive impersonal networks. They can rather focus on finding the right candidate.

Thousands of suitable candidates’ complete profiles will be shown with the option for recruiters to add notes to select profiles – either to consult at a later stage or to discuss with their colleagues.

By saving profiles to a clipboard, recruiters will easily be able to forward them to colleagues and hiring managers for immediate feedback.

Stay one step ahead

LinkedIn Recruiter will automatically rerun selected searches daily. As new professionals join LinkedIn, HR professionals will be alerted to new candidates that fit their requirements.

 Working around the clock, this tool automates common, repetitive tasks, allowing recruiters to focus more time on communication, fill more positions faster, and eliminate contingency spend.

A simple menu choice feature also enables recruiters to export their searches to a spreadsheet for auditing purposes. Gone are the days of having to track their search activity; LinkedIn Recruiter does it for them.

Boost productivity and increase response rates

LinkedIn Recruiter enables HR professionals to reach out directly to prospective candidates by sending personalized messages via InMail.

As LinkedIn is a trusted network communication tool, candidates’ response rate has been seen to increase by over 60% when contacted via Inmail. This saves recruiters time by being able to send customised Inmail to multiple prospects at once.

According to stats provided by LinkedIn, prospective candidates are 30 times more likely to open LinkedIn Inmail than other e-mails. They believe Inmails to have originated from a trusted source.

With the ability to personalise and save InMail templates, you’ll save valuable time and be able to access and reuse them for future job searches.

Save time through organisation and collaboration

LinkedIn Recruiter enables HR professionals to organise searches and candidate profiles into easy-to-locate Project folders. Then they can build a talent network for future opportunities.

Recruiter automatically tracks any given Project’s activity in one place – communications, job postings, searches, and profiles.

Geographical problems of the past cease to exist as recruiters are able to share their searches, saved profiles, notes, profile-viewing activity, and InMails with any one of their team members anywhere in the world.

This eliminates the needless duplication of work or inadvertently contacting the same candidates multiple times. Thus enhancing efficiency and projecting a more unified and professional image to prospective candidates.

Although these advancements have improved and increased the value of the platform significantly, not all HR professionals find LinkedIn as easy as pie. It does take a fair amount of skill and strategic knowledge to know how to optimise this platform effectively and utilise the magnitude of the power it offers.

Plodding along on your own and banging your head against the same wall solves nothing. As Social Media Strategists, this is what we do.

If using LinkedIn as a greater recruitment platform is something you think would boost your effectiveness, and save you time, money, and headaches, get in touch and get recruiting. It’s as easy as that.


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